Congratulations to the TRAX Star Winners from Quarter 4 of 2016!

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In the final quarter of 2016, the TRAX Star Program highlighted the following core values:


The internal committee of judges made their way through 15 nominations that recognized employees for exemplifying one, two, or all three of these core values. Together the judges collaborated and, after hours of deliberation, decided the following eight CaterTrax employees were deserving of the prestigious TRAX Star Award. Please join us in congratulating these eight humble members of the CaterTrax team who value honest and respectful communication and always strive to build positive teams with family spirit. Congratulations, and enjoy this recognition – you’ve earned it!

And The Winners Are … Drum Roll Please …

LYNN_TRAXSTARLynn radiates an aura of positivity that adds tremendous value to the Product Innovation team. She’s always the first to make the team laugh, to see another way, to solve a new challenge, and ensure that no one is harmed in the journey. Lynn brings awareness and light to attitudes that need to shift in the most encouraging way to build a positive team with family spirit.


Anna_hadgany_TRAXSTARJake Brandt, CaterTrax Software Development Manager, ran into Anna at Soul Coffee and Jazz (the new hotspot for coffee in Village Gate) and learned she had bought a coffee for a man who was outside shoveling in the cold. Anna’s action to demonstrate humility and ensure the comfort and safety of others is a prime example of what upholds our company’s reputation outside our CaterTrax office walls.


Luke_Spaid_TRAXSTAREveryone has benefited from Luke’s expertise and can-do attitude. As the go-to person for technical issues, he’s often interrupted to assist others but never thinks himself above a need and takes comments, criticisms, and praise in stride. Even when working on large projects and complex issues, he still makes time to teach TRAXERS how to log into a system or fix a broken keyboard. Luke is an unsung hero and a shining example of a positive, humble TRAXER.



Stephen arrives to work each day with a high level of positivity that’s hard to ignore. No matter the issue, he consistently demonstrates his special brand of calm resolve and enthusiasm while rectifying any situation, setting the precedent for all of us. From ensuring his team has something special on their birthday to making his Monday morning rounds just to ask how your weekend was, Stephen is a prime example of a positive leader who fosters family spirit.


Lorraine_Stevens_TRAXSTARWhile our Product Marketing Manager was on maternity leave, Lorraine stepped in to project manage an internal User Acceptance Test (UAT). With quiet deliberation and a cheerful spirit she collaborated with colleagues, worked directly with the UAT software, and set up logistics. She was a regular advisor and recently helped the team complete a development project in a very tight timeframe. She does everything with no concern for getting credit – a true example of demonstrating humility.


Ben_Sick_TRAXSTARBen is fairly new to the TRAXER family but has already made a real impact. He shared his enthusiasm for the company and our products right from the start and shows that as he trains all of our new hires. This “first impression” is sure to go a long way as he carries his excitement for CaterTrax with him always. Ben has been building positive teams with family spirit since his first day at CaterTrax and he shares this with each new TRAXER as they begin their journey on our team.


Molly_Gerhold_TRAXSTARAn unforeseen issue presented itself which required us to notify clients directly, so our Marketing Team and Client Success Managers stayed late to make the calls. Molly demonstrated humility and positivity when instructing her colleagues on how to execute this task and used open and honest communication when deciding the best approach for the personal follow up. Molly prefers to stay behind the scenes, out of the spotlight, but she really demonstrated all three core values this quarter.


Pam_Jackson_TRAXSTARPamela has been developing user stories for our internal product line and demonstrates humility when making important decisions to enable her development team to be successful. She constantly recognizes her team’s accomplishments, stands up for the huge challenges they take on, praises the awesome work they do, and makes sure they get the credit they deserve, always humbly plugging away for them.

Thank you to all of our employees who took the time to recognize your colleagues for living out the CaterTrax core values both inside, and outside, of the office walls. Honoring one another for a job well done reiterates the fact that we are more than just a bunch of employees working together – we’re a family.

Congratulations TRAX Star Winners! You’ve Earned This!

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