Meet Our CaterTrax Employees Who Earned a TRAX Star in Quarter 3

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CaterTrax Staff Recognized For Going Above and Beyond


With another quarter complete comes another round of TRAX Star recipients; CaterTrax employees who went above and beyond to embody one or more of our CaterTrax core values and who have been nominated for a TRAX Star by their peers for doing so. With no intentions of being called out or recognized, the following employees did something extraordinary that stood out to a coworker, resulting in the earned honor of a TRAX Star award.

Congratulations to the five deserving employees who were TRAX Star winners in quarter 3! Thank you for taking our CaterTrax core values seriously and incorporating them into every interaction you have with those around you. Keep up the amazing work!

Meet the Deserving Recipients

Andrew DePotter – We Build Positive Teams with Family Spirit

Stepping Up For the Greater Good

The CaterTrax “after-hours” support service realigned under Professional Services with Level III support, leaving the company with only 3 of 4 people needed to fulfill this rotating responsibility. Andrew stepped up and offered to take part in the after-hours rotation. By volunteering his assistance outside of his normal job duties, the Professional Services team now has 4 individuals that can take turns being on call for our after-hours service.


Dustin Weber – We Are Resourceful and Creative

Thinking Outside of the Box

Dustin created an elegant and meaningful solution to leverage the Price Snap Shot report to provide an organized file to our clients, creating a new standard. Dustin discovered that the Price Snap Shot report organizes data based on the sort order of the category group and categories found within it. By creating a sort order where all categories and sub-categories are numbered consecutively it presents the data in this order on the resulting Priced Snap Shot report.


Olesh Murij – We Demonstrate Hospitality & We Build Positive Teams with Family Spirit

“Top Notch” Customer Service

Olesh demonstrates hospitality inside and out. He was recently recognized by a high profile client for “top notch” customer service. Andrew nominated him on behalf of the entire Client Support team for his consistent willingness to assist quickly and help with any issue, even if it’s not assigned to him. He goes above and beyond in his daily tasks and is always willing to drop everything to complete an important task with a tight deadline. Olesh demonstrates what it means to lead by example.


Rosie Bellavia – We Are Open Minded and Embrace Change

Breaking Down Barriers

Without a doubt, everyone on the Go To Market Team is committed to doing their part to make our new initiatives a success, but they’re busy with everyday workloads that can get in the way of the healthy collaboration that makes us great. Rosie recognized the positive impact she could have by kicking off projects with a positioning document that gives everyone on the GTM team a comprehensive understanding and enables us to work together more effectively.


Ron Dukes – We Pursue Excellence

Ron Lends an Enthusiastic Helping Hand

The original documentation created for Command Centre was not updated for GO To Market of Interim Command Centre. Ron enthusiastically provided the knowledge transfer, spending time discussing all of the potential issues a user may encounter and helped me to recreate and screenshot them. This collaboration with Ron resulted in articles that are very comprehensive, giving users the error cause and resolution details right at their fingertips.

Do you have a story you’d like to share about a member of our CaterTrax staff who you feel went above and beyond to demonstrate hospitality and provide you the best customer service possible? We would love to hear about it!

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