Release Notes: September 2021

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Online Ordering Experience: Show Off Your Best Bites

Entice your customers with mouthwatering menu images. Our Online Ordering Experience menu grids now include category and product photos to make your breakfast bites, grab-and-go treats, and dinner fare even more irresistible.

Menu Edit Tool: Get Results Faster

We removed the “Show All” option from the menu edit tool to make it faster and easier to find what you’re looking for. Use our filters and the “Results per Page” limits to finish your edits with time to spare.

Zero Balance Purchases: Skip the Payment Details

We added Zero Balance Purchases, an automatic feature that allows free orders (resulting from promo codes, sponsored meals, etc.) to no longer require payment details. Once customers reach the payment section during check-out, they can immediately place their order—saving both money and time.

Printer: Print with Proper Accents

Whether it’s included in your business name or you’re serving café au lait, the acute accent for ‘e’ will now show up on receipts. Looking for other accent marks? We’ve got you covered. All accented characters can be printed on receipts.

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