Remember Receiving Gold Stars Growing Up?

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Growing up, did you ever receive a gold star for a job well done? Do you remember how something as small as that shiny, golden sticker would add some pep to your step? The rest of the day you would walk the halls with your head held high, smile on your face, radiating joy to those around you. Remembering back, it wasn’t just the sticker that brought you joy, but what it symbolized; a teacher or peer recognizing you for accomplishing something of value.

Those of us at CaterTrax feel that way every time a client sends us positive feedback because to us, that’s another gold star for us to wear with pride. With each new member of our TRAXER Nation, we hear another individuals’ personal story, reminding us that our catering management software and dedication to providing great customer service is leaving a positive impact on foodservice operations around the country.

In August, Francisco Padilla, CaterTrax client since 2014, shared that he is “Happy! Happy! Happy!” with the Menu Specialist Team and exclaimed that “everything about CaterTrax is awesome. I love it!”

We want to thank Francisco and the rest of the TRAXER Nation for helping us walk a little taller and smile a bit bigger, remind us that we have in some way helped them accomplish their goals. We move closer to our goal of powering every catering operation in the non-commercial foodservice industry with each new member of the TRAXER Program; each new gold star.




Interested in Joining TRAXER Nation

Share your story with us today to start enjoying the perks of TRAXER Nation. To start, we’ll send you a package full of fun, CaterTrax swag and throughout the year you’ll receive local, food-themed gifts as a token of our appreciation. You’ll have exclusive access to TRAXER-only contests and promotions and gain first-hand knowledge of TRAX Platform innovations. All of us here at CaterTrax look forward to hearing what you have to say!


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