2018 Spring Menu Trends

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CaterTrax Spring Menu Trends

Non-Commercial Foodservice Spring Menu Trends

Spring is officially here! It’s time for flowers to start blooming, your favorite produce to be back in season, and menus to get a much-needed seasonal refresh. Spring offers a great opportunity for non-commercial foodservice operators to revamp their menus with limited time menu offers and seasonal flavors to drive business forward and keep up with customer demand. In the spotlight this spring, get ready to see floral-infused items, root-to-stem cooking that reduces food waste, and Middle Eastern flavors.

Root-to-Stem Cooking

Non-commercial foodservice operators have an important duty to keep waste down in the kitchen and as we continue to see new and improved ways of doing so, a common trend is root-to-stem cooking. Just like nose-to-tail cooking with meat, it’s the practice of using the whole vegetable, fruit, or herb, so as not to waste any of the parts. Vegetable stems and leaves, like those from beets, carrots, celery, and broccoli, can easily be used in different pesto recipes, sauces, soups, and salads. Root-to-stem cooking helps to cut costs and reduce food waste and goes hand in hand with plant-based diets, another increasingly popular food trend.

Floral Flavors

CaterTrax Spring Menu TrendsFloral hints scream SPRING, HEALTH, and FRESH just in time for the change in season. New menu items that incorporate floral accents and garnishes are a great way to refresh your menu this spring:

  • Edible flower petals as garnishes to meals or beverages
  • Floral flavor-infused water: Orange, rose, elderflower, hibiscus
  • Lavender flavor-infused anything: Lattes, desserts, tea, water, cocktails, lemonade, baked goods

Middle Eastern

We continue to see a growing interest in foods from around the world and Middle Eastern flavors are especially front and center this year. Add options to your menu that include hummus, pita, and falafel, as well as a variety of kebabs, anything with feta, and spicy curry to intrigue diners looking for that exotic taste without having to travel far to get it.

Update Your CaterTrax Menu For Spring

Foodservice operators are already reaping the benefits of adding spring menu trends to their offerings like increased sales and higher customer satisfaction. Your online ordering platform is a tool to drive business and keep up with the competition, so make sure menus are up to date with what your customers want. CaterTrax clients receive one hour of monthly menu maintenance included with their subscription, so why not use it? Submit a new ticket to add trending items to your menu now.

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