The TRAX Star Program: Recognizing Exemplary Employees

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Recognition for a job well done is not always a routine occurrence in the workplace. But isn’t going above and beyond, especially when it’s not expected, something that deserves to be acknowledged? Maybe even rewarded? The CaterTrax Leadership Team thinks so! That’s why they implemented and recently revamped the TRAX Star Program – a program that recognizes employees who exceed expectations and go the extra mile to support our clients and fellow employees. Since its implementation in 2011, the program continues to boost employee morale and drives a positive workplace culture.

The Original TRAX Star Program traxStar_sm

2011: CaterTrax initiated the original program with the goal of recognizing exemplary employees who surpassed what was expected of them. The Leadership Team passed out TRAX Star award stickers to employees who earned it, and at monthly company meetings recipients were announced and received a cash bonus.

2013: The program was revised to recognize and reward employees for exemplifying at least three of five core principles: Recognize, communicate, prioritize, set expectations, and execute. Employees could nominate their peers who would be rewarded within 24 hours, announced internally to the whole company, and receive a $5.00 gift certificate of their choice.

Revamped Nomination Criteria

Fast forward to 2015 when CaterTrax updated and revised their mission: To be the company that best understands the everyday demands of our industry, and leverages our learned best practices to implement scalable solutions that enable our partners to elevate their unique brand of hospitality. To support this refreshed mission a solid set of ten, employee-chosen core values were established.


In the summer of 2016 the TRAX Star Program was enhanced to better align its’ requirements with CaterTrax’s official set of core values. Employees still have the ability to nominate their peers when they go above and beyond in the workplace, but on a different set of criteria.

  • Two to three core values are highlighted each quarter.
  • During this time employees may nominate their coworkers when they witness someone personifying one or more of the chosen core values.
  • At the close of each quarter, an internal committee will get together to review all nominations and choose the top 8 that best embody the specified values.

Upping the Ante

What do these top 8 winners receive?

  • A formal announcement to the company during our internal quarterly business review.
  • A $250 bonus check!
  • A plaque on our official TRAX Star wall, highlighting each winner, their nominee(s), and, most importantly, the reason they were nominated.


This program is meant to highlight our employees who step outside the realm of their everyday job responsibilities to promote a positive workplace culture. They live and breathe the CaterTrax core values because it’s a way of life – not just a requirement of their job. A TRAX Star embodies all the qualities it takes to be an Ambassador of Hospitality without expecting anything in return.

Have you had a great experience working with someone at CaterTrax? We want to hear about it! Join the TRAXER Program and share your story with us. In return, you’ll score a sweet swag package and fun local-themed gifts throughout the year.

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a TRAX Star? Are you confident that you could be a shining example of our core values brought to life? Then we want to talk to you. Check out our careers page and apply today!

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