Who Earned a CaterTrax TRAX Star in Q1 2018?

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Meet the Most Recent Round of TRAX Star Recipients

Our core values drive our culture. Our culture makes us who we are. Who we are is CaterTrax.

The beginning of 2018 brought us another round of TRAX Star winners – CaterTrax employees who embrace our core values in every action they take whether they’re working on a project with a co-worker, speaking on the phone with a client, or hosting a training webinar for a clients’ customers. Demonstrating hospitality is at the core of everything we do here at CaterTrax and we’re honored to recognize the employees below who earned a TRAX Star Award last quarter and further strengthened our CaterTrax culture. Congratulations and thank you all for going above and beyond to provide such a high level of service and support to those around you.

Congratulations, TRAX Star Recipients!

Nancy Jaime, Instructional Designer. We are Open Minded and Embrace Change & We are Resourceful and Creative.

Nancy Gets Resourceful and Creative!

Since CaterTrax’s acquisition, Nancy has taken on several new responsibilities with full force, improving on previous processes and existing asset designs. With an already full plate, she also jumped in to help the Marketing Team create a key asset needed for a new program launch. Making tweaks to an existing asset, she created a quality piece that saves several hours of time for both the Marketing and Sales Teams.


Justin Rielly, Menu Specialist. We are Passionate and Determined.

Justin Supports All TRAXERS

Justin single-handedly closed and managed 50% of all internal menu support tickets that were not quoted work, consistently providing an amazing client experience. He accomplished this while being the top producer in every other measurable line item on the Menu Team through the first two months of the quarter. He continues to jump on the ticket board without having to be asked and supports the entire team.


Stacy Pline, Senior Solutions Consultant. We are Resourceful and Creative; & We are Passionate and Determined.

Stacy Makes Projects Possible

Stacy quickly implements updates and champions projects with ease! She executed a last-minute client request for the Site Launch Team in no time and also spearheaded the ‘Standard vs Custom Reports’ Go-To-Market project, taking on multiple components to make it a successful launch. As aspects of the project shifted, she maintained constant communication with the team and her determination kept the project on track.



Nick Tachco, Managed Services Specialist. We are Resourceful and Creative.

Thinking Outside the Box About Efficiency!

The Managed Services Team had to manually configure links on each site for an LTO Menu for a client. Together Nick and another team member developed a process allowing the Managed Services Team to save approximately 8 hours of labor per the publishing for each LTO, which over a year equates to saving about 1 months’ worth of work. This not only saves time but also eliminates possible risk for human error.


Troy Burdick, Client Support Specialist. We Pursue Excellence.

Troy Goes the Extra Mile

While on a call with a client, our Menu Operations Manager, Liz, needed assistance from the Client Support Team. She reached out to Troy and he immediately began to assist. Liz advised the client we’d research the issue and respond shortly, gave Troy the info required, and told him she would follow up after a meeting she could not reschedule. Rather than waiting, Troy identified the issue, resolved it, and called the client back to test the resolution, which was a success.


Tom Frost, Senior Training Specialist. We Pursue Excellence. 

An Impressed Client Writes In

“We gave Tom a tight timeline of 20 minutes and he did a fantastic job! His delivery was professional and easy to follow by any individual, from an experienced catering patron to a potential new customer. His presentation was seamless, focused, and informative and all our guests feel a great level of comfort using this new program to place orders. I’m proud to be partnered with CaterTrax and feel very lucky to have had Tom present our demo tutorial. I’ll definitely ask for him again!”


Ron Dukes, Scrum Team Lead. We are Passionate and Determined.

The Right Approach

The Marketing Team found there was an intermittent issue with how some lead forms were labeled in the CRM. After a ticket was submitted and multiple resources engaged, when it was given to Ron to investigate he went straight to our Marketing Manager, Morgan’s, desk so they could walk through the process together. He identified the problem and worked through lunch to get it resolved as quickly as possible, understanding the request was business critical.

Have you worked with a member of the CaterTrax team whose level of service and hospitality stood out to you? Let us know so we can recognize them for their efforts and thank them for staying true to our core values and our culture. We can’t wait to hear what you say!

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