CaterTrax Core Values in Action Throughout Q2 2018

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Star Employees Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

As part of the interview process here, we ensure every potential hire will be a good fit for our team and company culture. CaterTrax core values are taken very seriously throughout the entire organization so when we grow our staff, it’s important that each new hire is a good fit for the team. Last quarter, the eight employees recognized below went above and beyond in their roles, fully embraced one or more of the CaterTrax core values, and earned themselves a TRAX Star Award, further solidifying the reason they were hired in the first place. We’re honored to have such great individuals on our team and want to congratulate each employee below for their hard work last quarter.

Congratulations, TRAX Stars!

CaterTrax TRAX Star_A Edgecomb
Andrew Edgecomb, Software Developer. We Have Integrity; We Are Passionate and Determined; We Pursue Excellence.

Going Above and Beyond

Andrew demonstrated team spirit and a passionate attitude on several occasions last quarter, particularly with his efforts to support the company during the EU GDPR conversion by helping with last-minute code changes. When the Professional Services Team was having difficulty getting the punchout to work for the CVS test environment, Andrew went above and beyond his own responsibilities, taking time out of his schedule to debug all portions of the setup and determine the issue.


CaterTrax TRAX Star_R Kockler
Rick Kockler, Scrum Team Lead. We Have Integrity; We Are Passionate and Determined.

We Wanted to Pick All the Core Values

Rick demonstrated team spirit and a passionate attitude on several occasions last quarter, particularly during the EU GDPR conversion. Rick is constantly challenged with multiple competing priorities but maintains a light-hearted demeanor and diffuses tension when it arises, all while juggling his many responsibilities. He demonstrates integrity on a regular basis, making the time to think before making rash decisions and slowing down to be a mentor. He always focuses on keeping the mood light despite the many valleys and challenges faced along the way.


CaterTrax TRAX Star_K Howland
Karen Howland, Menu Specialist. We Pursue Excellence; We Are Passionate and Determined.

Diligence in Finding a Solution

Karen helped Matt with various menu work throughout the last few months and is always very helpful with a positive attitude. One of our clients, who has been with us since 2016, had used their site very little. They have a unique audience, request to have the menu programmed in such a way that isn’t our standard set-up, and have specific reporting requirements. Karen tried several options and consulted with her peers on multiple teams to ultimately find the best solution for all parties, doing everything possible to ensure the client was happy and confident with their CaterTrax site.


CaterTrax TRAX Star_S Bui
Stephen Bui, Support Manager. We Are Passionate and Determined.

Never Hesitates to Help

Steve has been a great help to Matt since he started in his role. Steve is always very eager to help and often drops what he’s doing to find a resolution for clients. He’s very efficient at what he does and always responds in a timely manner. TRAXERS, both internal and external, are his #1 priority and he ensures the Client Support Team exudes that same passion when our clients call in with support requests.


CaterTrax TRAX Star_B Sick
Ben Sick, Training and Site Build Manager. We Build Positive Teams with Family Spirit.

A Superb Trainer

Ben’s product knowledge is thorough and deep, but more importantly, his willingness and ability to impart that information is inspirational. He’s the kind of person that makes it enjoyable to come to work. In leading our Site Build and Training Team he understands the impact our software has on our client’s businesses and ensures both of his teams share the deep product knowledge he does.


Beyond a Team Player

CaterTrax TRAX Star_S Uttaro
Sue Uttaro, Site Build Specialist. We Are Resourceful and Creative.

It’s well-known that Sue is one of our go-to people for problem-solving, but a recent incident exceeded expectations. She took over a portion of her co-worker Bruce’s site build project in lieu of her own demanding workload and successfully completed the build. The client requested sales tax be applied to a list of location codes. Although they supplied the codes and accompanying taxes, this opportunity was beyond our traditional services. Sue analyzed the situation and theorized that a zip code delivery configuration could be repurposed for the location code taxes. Following her request, Sue placed some test orders and was right!


CaterTrax TRAX Star_P Tran
Phuong Tran, Software Developer. We Have Integrity.

The Perfect Role Model

Phuong demonstrates the highest level of integrity in all her work efforts. She strives for and delivers high quality on projects such as client reporting, internal tools for site build and menu management, purchase order updates, and any other project that is asked of her. Phuong is realistic in her approach to her job and honest in communicating expectations and estimations. She can be relied upon to meet her commitments without taking shortcuts while delivering highly reliable products.


CaterTrax TRAX Star_B Sullivan
Bryan Sullivan, Training and Content Development Specialist. We Pursue Excellence.

Bryan Flies High on Clients’ Training Session

As we launched a system of sites for a large operation, Bryan was asked to perform three administrator training sessions that totaled 43 registrants, and seven customer training sessions that totaled 956 registrants. Conducting training webinars with that amount of people presents a slew of challenges. Bryan rose to the occasion and corralled the large crowds to ensure the learning environment remained conducive, so all attendees could receive the content in an impactful way.

Do YOU Have What it Takes?

If you feel you have what it takes to personify each of the CaterTrax core values in everything you do and understand the importance of our company culture, please check out our job listings and apply today. Even if you don’t see a job within your realm of qualifications, we encourage you to still apply for future open positions.

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