TRAXER Nation Monthly: The TRAXER Program Grows By 5 in May

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CaterTrax Clients Who Love the TRAX Platform Join the TRAXER Program

What’s one thing that everybody could use more of? Time. Whether it’s extra time to put into our work, time to spend with family and friends, or just some extra time to relax, we can always use just a little bit more of it. Individuals working in non-commercial foodservice often find it hard to take even a few minutes for themselves when catering calendars are booked, customers are constantly calling kitchen staff to place orders and ask menu questions, or they’re still relying on manual processes to manage their business.

In May, we were excited to gain five new members in our always-growing TRAXER Nation! We know how busy and strapped for time our clients are, so we can’t stress enough how thankful we are they continue to find a few extra minutes to share their personal CaterTrax stories with us. Welcome to the TRAXER Program and thank you all for taking the time to join!

Welcome to TRAXER Nation

I love how easy it is to get a site started. There’s no mindless, endless, pointless, unneeded conference call after conference call. Simply fill out the form, get it back to CaterTrax, and that’s it. You get your site URL back, you test it out, you set a launch date, and you’re good to go. It’s easy and it’s fast; two things I need as a busy manager!” – Craig Stangland, GM, client since 2014.

We were on a tight deadline and CaterTrax’s site launch services had us up and running quickly! They were very thorough and complete with the work.” – Susan Morrison, Project Manager, client since 2018.

I love how many options there are in regards to the menu and the ease of placing and managing orders.” – Rebecca Sugden, Catering Manager, client since 2016.

CaterTrax has been amazing so far and setting up our site has been so easy. The staff has been incredibly helpful and made the process so smooth and easy to complete. It is so nice to know I can reach out with questions, concerns, or problems and have them resolved quickly.” – Cari Day, Quality Support Coordinator, client since 2018.

This was my first time contacting IT support and it was smooth and easy.  That was great because it meant I had more time to focus on other tasks.” – Marinela Catalla, Director of Events, client since 2016.

Why Join TRAXER Nation?

The TRAXER Program is an outlet for our clients to share how our catering management software, the TRAX Platform, and hospitable CaterTrax staff continue to positively impact the way they manage their foodservice operations. Immediately after signing up, TRAXERS enjoy perks like:

  • A welcome package which includes a CaterTrax t-shirt and other fun goodies, delivered to their doorstep
  • Eligibility to participate in TRAXER-only contests to win prizes year round
  • A personal shout-out in the TRAX Blog next month
  • The option to experience any new TRAX Platform updates and innovations before anyone else

If you love CaterTrax and you love free stuff (let’s face it, who doesn’t?), click the button below to sign up. It only takes a couple of minutes!

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