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Software for Strengthening Non-Commerical Foodservice

Our industry leading catering management solutions power kitchens and streamline customer ordering for managed hospitality providers supporting multiple lines of business. Join thousands of satisfied operators who chose our web-based software to make managing foodservice simple.

  • Catering Solution

    Catering Solution

    A catering operation is more than just food and our software is more than just technology. An average of 175,000 orders are processed through the TRAX Platform weekly, representing this powerful system’s ability to improve the lives of operators. This solution is great for day-to-day requests, catered meetings, and special events, streamlining management and taking the stress of you and your staff so you can take control of your operation.

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    Take-Out Solution

    Meet the demands of your busy customers with online ordering that busts lines and improves service levels with solution that makes convenience and quality just a click away. The user-friendly mobile interface gives every customer access to online ordering on any device. Customers can maximize meal time around their schedule and yours when you manage lead times with custom date and time blocks that remove the stress of last minute orders. Prepaid orders and pickup delivery options reduce café lines at peak meal times and take the pressure off busy staff.

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    Floor Stock Solution

    Many organizations lack a reliable system of record for tracking requisitions leading to shortages, overstocking, and additional carrying costs. This solution optimizes requisition management for hospitals, campuses, and offices in one user-friendly system that centralizes data for dynamic reporting and makes managing multiple hospitality stations simple.

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    Web Starter

    Web Starter Solution

    Today’s competitive digital environment demands an online presence where you are easily accessible to busy customers. Even captive audiences have more options at their fingertips than ever before. This solution is perfect for retailers or larger multi-unit operators looking to boost low-volume segments that need a convenient place to promote and showcase their menus and business information.

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    Complimentary & Expert Services

    Our complimentary services get you up and running fast with a Site Launch team to guide you through every step of your implementation. Our Education team gets you set up for success with training and course offerings that fit your schedule. We also offer full-service support for your website and countless configurations to customize your solution. Our Experts are available with the knowledge and experience to assist with your next big project so you’ll never have to worry about finding the staff, time, or resources to handle it yourself. 


This is What Success Looks Like

Our annual survey of more than 7,500 caterers across the country is our opportunity to ask for feedback. We keep a pulse on daily operations by providing a survey with each closed support ticket request; but once a year this survey provides great insights on the impact our software is having on managed hospitality businesses. These are some of the most reported benefits of the TRAX Platform.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

24% of respondents claim CaterTrax software reduces their costs by greater than 50%

Save Time

Save Time

48% of respondents claim CaterTrax software saves them more than 5 hours every week.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

65% of respondents claim CaterTrax software increases their efficiency and accuracy by greater than 50%.

Grow Sales

Grow Sales

38% of respondents claim CaterTrax software increases their sales by greater than 10%.

Benefits for You and Your Customers

Our software has solutions for managed hospitality providers and independent foodservice operators, allowing each member of your team to stay focused on what matters most – your customers. 


Who We Serve
    • Online ordering dramatically cuts phone and administrative time
    • Automated confirmation system ensures error-free scheduling and fulfillment
    • Payment systems are integrated – no lost or inaccurate invoices
    • Entire kitchen fulfillment process is managed with the TRAX Platform
    • Flexible product reporting and export options
    • Increase in revenues on average by 15%
    • Increased customer convenience
    • Ability to track customer satisfaction
    • Identify life-time value to top customers
    • Flexible sales & customer reporting and export options
    • Add new profit centers with Take-Out and Floor Stock Solutions. 
    • Easy online ordering of catering and hospitality services 
    • Full-time access to your menus and special offers
    • Confirmation system and order tracking to eliminate errors
    • Complete transaction history for tracking or repeating orders
    • Integrated payment systems ensure accuracy in billing and tracking expenses
    • Convenience to order or update an order anytime, anywhere

“Fantastic Program!”

CaterTrax has assisted in the ease of editing new and existing menus, updating reports and increasing customer growth in catering at Marist College. CaterTrax is a simple to use program that I would recommend for large or small accounts anywhere. Thank you!

Catering Coordinator


Member Since: 2016

“So much easier to use!"

CaterTrax is so straightforward and easy to use as a system for both me and my customers. Our customers reach out less often trying to get us to put in their orders for them because they think it’s so much easier to do it themselves which gives us time to give them better customer service when it comes to the food and delivery.

Catering Manager


Member Since: 2017

“Great Catering Software”

CaterTrax is a wonderful program that has made our catering program much more organized, professional, and user-friendly for both our in-house customers as well as users from outside of our organization.

Food Supervisor


Member Since: 2012