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Education Services

We're Here to Help You Become a CaterTrax Expert

CaterTrax offers a wide range of complimentary and custom training resources to set you up for success. We provide virtual learning opportunities, on-demand videos and user guides, custom training sessions, a dedicated client support team, and more. Let our in-house experts help you become the CaterTrax expert on your team.

Complimentary Services

  • As part of the site launch process, our training experts will host two sessions for you.

    Team training: This session is dedicated to your unique site and business needs. Invite your team to learn the ins and outs of your new CaterTrax site.

    Customer training: Let us show your customers how easy it is to order online using your new CaterTrax site.

  • Join a CaterTrax Training Specialist in our virtual classroom! We offer TRAX Starter introductory courses and a TRAX Advanced series. Use our intro courses to help you swiftly onboard new team members or as a quick refresher. Check out our advanced series to learn best practices and make the most out of your CaterTrax solution.

    Each session is offered regularly. Dates and times are listed on the registration page. Visit our Resource Center to learn more and register.

    Resource Center

  • Check out our library of on-demand video tutorials and user guides that walk you through our solutions from start to finish. Watch a video series that takes you ‘Back to Basics’ or save a user guide for quick reference. Find these and more by clicking on the Resource Center link below.

    Resource Center

Custom Services

  • Our Training Specialists are happy to guide you through a training session exclusive to you and your unique site. Learn more about your specific setup, along with tips and tricks to make the most out of your CaterTrax experience.

  • Are you looking for video tutorials or user guides exclusive to your site? Tell us what you need, and we can create custom training materials to help your team—or your customers— become CaterTrax experts.

  • Our world-class client services team is ready to support you online, over the phone, or in person. If you need on-site training, one of our in-house experts can meet your team to run demos, large-group presentations, break-out sessions, and more.

Come and Learn With Us

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