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Manage Smarter, Not Harder

What began as a system to streamline processes for a family-owned catering business has evolved into catering software trusted by the largest managed hospitality providers in North America.

Seize Control

Seize Control

Stay Organised: Customers can create online ordering accounts enabling easy access to track orders, request changes, and repeat orders. And all data is captured in one accurate, reliable system of record.

Keep Updated: Every order generates kitchen and pack sheets, with automatic updates across all documents.

Be Informed: Order tracking tools keep your team and customers informed of all changes.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Plan Ahead: See your orders for the day, week, or month to plan for prep, inventory, and staffing.

Reduce Costs: Fewer mistakes mean lower costs. With accurate data, you reduce the number of wrong orders and wasted inventory.

Save Time: No need to plan orders around business hours. Let customers order online at their convenience. And with all data in one streamlined system, everyone stays on the same page. No need to search notes or remake orders.

Stimulate Growth

Stimulate Growth

Increase Sales: Maximize sales with minimal effort. Online ordering means your operation can take orders around the clock.

Manage Strategically: Our reporting tools give you the insights needed to make data-driven decisions, forecast future events, and ensure profitability.

Satisfy Customers: Increase satisfaction by empowering customers to place and manage orders online. Earn loyalty with fewer mistakes, faster response times, and overall superior service.

Enterprise Management

No need to manage multiple, disconnected systems. Our enterprise solutions connect systems across multiple locations for standardised branding, centralised management, and corporate-wide reporting.


Catering Core

Providing mass catering services at schools and universities, corporate offices, hospitals, and other institutions is no easy task. This is why we created a solution to simplify your efforts.

Trusted by the largest managed hospitality providers in North America, Catering Core offers convenient online ordering for customers and extensive management tools to increase operational efficiencies.


Flexible Technology

Flexible Technology

Configure different features to fit your unique business needs with custom business rules and pick-up and delivery options.

Modular Capabilities

Modular Capabilities

Looking to combine solutions? Our platform makes it simple. Enjoy seamless access across any combination of solutions on one website.

Data Security Guaranteed

Data Security Guaranteed

We partner with world-leading cloud technology that assesses vulnerabilities and detects intrusions to defend your data. Regular backups preserve your information and ensure your business continues operating smoothly. Between proactive measures and recovery services, you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Online Ordering

All Day Ordering

Stay organised by consolidating multiple service times into one event and invoice.

Master Invoice

Group orders into a single invoice and payment for streamlined processing.

Event Documents

Keep all event documents and details in one place by attaching various files to orders.

Group by Guest

Customers can add names to individual order items, supporting safe packaging for daily operations.

Promo Codes

Offer targeted discounts for first-time orders, limited-time specials, and more.

Administrative Portal

Customisable Menus

Organise by product categories, add nutritional and allergen info in compliance with Natasha’s Law, and standardise your menu across multiple sites.

Multi-Calendar Views

Toggle calendar views from monthly, weekly, or daily to check out the big picture and plan ahead.

Event Tracking

Stay on top of order details from start to finish. Our tracking tools ensure event accuracy by keeping customers and staff on the same page with every update. 

Automated Workflow

Eliminate mistakes and streamline workflow. As orders are edited, all charges, taxes, and production sheets are automatically updated.

Marketing Tools

Easily promote new dishes, seasonal menu items, and promo code discounts by sending customer emails directly from the platform.

Dynamic Reporting

Monitor trends, analyze outcomes, and make data-informed decisions with our reporting and forecasting tools.

Exceptional Service, Expert Support



Our education team offers a wide range of complimentary and custom training resources to help your operation across all skill levels.



With our flexible platform, you can customise your user experience, user interface, and the way you manage and deliver data. 



Our consultants are here to translate your menu onto your website and work with you to ensure your content always stays fresh.

Client Support

Client Support

If you need site changes or improvements, our in-house experts are available to assist.

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