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Catering Solution

Built by Caterers for Caterers


We created a better way for you to manage your business by streamlining operations and reducing costs for a better bottom line. From managing more effectively to delivering exceptional customer service, CaterTrax provides solutions for catering challenges in a variety of industries.

Catering Solution

Our Catering Solution is great for day to day requests, catered meetings, and special events because our software transforms foodservice by connecting every aspect of an operation. We make it easy to manage the chaos of catering with tailored solutions to meet the needs of foodservice operations in healthcare, higher education, business and industry and more. Tour the features below to learn more about how the CaterTrax Catering Solution strengthens foodservice for success.

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Tour Front of the House

  • Front of the House Features

    Front of the House Features

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  • Customer Online Ordering

    Customer Online Ordering

    Convenient ordering accounts are available for your customers anytime. You determine your hours of operation, lead times, delivery times and much more.
  • Menus


    The TRAX Platform can manage basic menus for small to large sized businesses, customizable menus with multiple categories, and even standardized menus across a fleet of sites. Our menu specialists are ready to program a menu just the way you need it and your subscription comes with a free hour of monthly menu maintenance to keep your menu as fresh as your food.
  • Easy Upselling

    Easy Upselling

    You can create an upsell opportunity with every sale by encouraging customers to purchase related menu items automatically.
  • Customer Order Tracking

    Customer Order Tracking

    Customers can easily navigate their account to check the status of their orders and request changes, keeping them informed and you organized.
  • Compound and Repeat Orders

    Compound and Repeat Orders

    You or your customers can place multiple orders with a single checkout and repeat saved orders.
  • Online Payments with Secure Checkouts

    Online Payments with Secure Checkouts

    A user-friendly checkout process guides customers through easy and secure payment processing on your site. The TRAX Platform integrates with several popular payment gateways and CaterTrax also offers the TRAX Payment Gateway for clients without a current online payment system complimentary with the monthly subscription fee.
  • Seamless Customer Experience

    Seamless Customer Experience

    Your site can be upgraded at any time to meet your evolving needs without disrupting your customer’s experience. Customers will always visit one website for a seamless ordering experience.
  • Cater to Your Customers

    Cater to Your Customers

    Empower your customers while making your busy business easier to manage. Take a live tour to discover how our catering solution can change the way your customers look at food service.

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Tour Back of the House

  • Back of the House Features

    Back of the House Features

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  • Editable Orders and Invoices

    Editable Orders and Invoices

    Customers can easily request a change to an order by completing the Change/Update Request Form. Any requests will be reflected in the tracking messages until the site administrator applies the change – that way last minute changes never get lost.
  • Automatic Documentation

    Automatic Documentation

    Kitchen sheets and pack sheets are generated automatically when an order is placed to ensure everything is prepared for perfection without added work or missing information.
  • Dynamic Reporting

    Dynamic Reporting

    Pre-configured and custom reports leverage the powerful data captured by your CaterTrax site so you can make informed business decisions faster than ever before.
  • Automated Kitchen Workflow

    Automated Kitchen Workflow

    Whenever changes are made to an order, updates to charges, taxes, production, etc. are made automatically to take the hassle out of changes and avoid mistakes.
  • Calendar View and Status Pins

    Calendar View and Status Pins

    The filterable monthly calendar makes reviewing orders and keeping on top of your schedule simple. Filter your calendar view in a click with configurable order status pins like cancelled, confirmed, confirmation pending, change requested, completed and more. Status pins make it easy to access the information you need to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of your busy operation.
  • Multiple Calendar View

    Multiple Calendar View

    In addition to filtering your calendar with status pins, you can also update the calendar view to daily, weekly, or monthly options. Juggling multiple orders over a time span is tricky so the ability to focus in and out of your schedule is key to perfectly timing your order management.
  • Live Orders Monitor

    Live Orders Monitor

    Easily keep track of orders in real-time with a live, scrolling feed. The order monitor feed even pops out of the CaterTrax window so you can keep it open and in view no matter what you’re working on. You can even close out of the TRAX Platform and still keep your order monitor running in the background.
  • Day View

    Day View

    View your day in a click. See today’s orders and statistics, mark orders processed and paid, and even update invoice statuses from a single view.
  • 24/7 Support Line

    24/7 Support Line

    CaterTrax focuses on a service as a software approach with clients so we’re here when you need us. Submit a support ticket or give us a call with any questions or issues you have and we’ll help you as quickly as possible.
  • Take Control of Catering

    Take Control of Catering

    Balance your busy operations and staff without the stress. Take a live tour to discover how our Catering Solution can change the way you look at food service.

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Game Changing Add-Ons

Create the solution you need to run your business better with the flexibility to adapt as your business grows and changes.


Our flexible solutions can easily be plugged into another CaterTrax solution to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Kitchen Printing

Configure printing based on your kitchen’s needs and coordinate timing or order fulfilment.

Multi-Unit Director

CaterTrax equips you and your team with an arsenal of data from single-unit to a consolidated multi-unit view.

Payment Gateways

Process credit cards securely with PCI Compliant Gateways from our list of preferred vendors.

Catering Rooms Manager

Manage catering and reserve rooms in a single system that seamlessly integrates with your existing data and settings.

CaterTrax Assist

Assistive Technology, powered by accessiBe, makes online ordering accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Take Control of Catering

Balance your busy operations and staff without the stress. Take a live tour to discover how our catering solution can change the way you look at foodservice.

Help us understand your goals so we can show you how we can align our technology and experience to optimize your business.

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