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Floor Stock Solution

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We created a better way for you to manage your business by streamlining operations and reducing costs for a better bottom line. From managing more effectively to delivering an exceptional customer service, CaterTrax provides solutions for catering challenges in a variety of industries.

Floor Stock Solution

Many organizations figure carrying costs at the minimal accepted rate of return, leading to shortages, overstocking, hoarding, waste, and added costs. The TRAX Platform optimizes inventory for hospitals, campuses, and offices across the United States and Canada by reducing carrying costs and waste. The TRAX Platform centralizes data for dynamic reporting and more accurate forecasting so you can manage stock levels and have a tighter inventory turnaround. Managing multiple hospitality and pantry stations is a breeze with online ordering that is tracked in one user-friendly system. Tour the features below to learn more about how the CaterTrax Floor Stock Solution can reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

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Tour Front of the House

  • Front of the House Features

    Front of the House Features

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  • Easy-to-Use Online Ordering System

    Easy-to-Use Online Ordering System

    Order stock directly from your site to eliminate the hassle of writing supply orders down or trying to memorize stock levels. See exactly what is available for ordering day and night, providing flexibility to your busy customers and staff.
  • Customizable Offerings

    Customizable Offerings

    You choose what stock items are offered, pricing, par levels (if desired) and have the support of our experienced Menu Specialists to guide you regarding the best way to program your menu to suit your needs.
  • Self-Regulated Business Rules

    Self-Regulated Business Rules

    Your delivery and pick-up times, locations and hours of operation are built directly into the ordering process to guarantee you’ll always have the resources necessary to fulfill orders.
  • Take Control of Your Operation

    Take Control of Your Operation

    Streamline the way your customers order and manage inventory. Take a live tour to experience how our floor stock solution can impact your food service operation.

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Tour Back of the House

  • Back of the House Features

    Back of the House Features

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  • Reporting and Forecasting Tools

    Reporting and Forecasting Tools

    Our reports offer increased visibility into historical trends to better manage stock levels and provide accurate sales projections. Don’t see what you need in our standard reporting package? Let our Support Team know! They help to create custom reporting based on your needs.
  • Management Across Multiple Locations

    Management Across Multiple Locations

    Do you manage multiple locations? Don’t waste time and energy reviewing one location at a time. This solution can report on one or multiple locations providing deeper insight into business needs, inventory levels and sales.
  • Manage Inventory Levels

    Manage Inventory Levels

    Streamline requisition management for tight turnaround that lowers carrying costs in one user-friendly system. The TRAX Platform takes the guesswork out of managing supplies and perishable and non-perishable food while reducing inventory costs and keeping up with customer demand.
  • 24/7 Support Line

    24/7 Support Line

    CaterTrax focuses on a service as a software approach with clients so we’re here when you need us. Submit a support ticket or give us a call with any questions or issues you have and we’ll help you as quickly as possible.
  • Streamline Your Business for Positive Results

    Streamline Your Business for Positive Results

    Learn how to better manage time and inventory levels to reduce day-to-day stresses. Take a live tour to experience how our floor stock solution can impact your food service operation.

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Game Changing Add-Ons

Create the solution you need to run your business better with the flexibility to adapt as your business grows and changes.


Our flexible solutions can easily be plugged into another CaterTrax solution to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Kitchen Printing

Configure printing based on your kitchen’s needs and coordinate timing or order fulfilment.

Multi-Unit Director

CaterTrax equips you and your team with an arsenal of data from single-unit to a consolidated multi-unit view.

Payment Gateways

Process credit cards securely with PCI Compliant Gateways from our list of preferred vendors.

Catering Rooms Manager

Manage catering and reserve rooms in a single system that seamlessly integrates with your existing data and settings.

CaterTrax Assist

Assistive Technology, powered by accessiBe, makes online ordering accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Take Control of Floor Stock

Balance your busy operations and staff without the stress. Take a live tour to discover how our floor stock solution can change the way you look at foodservice.

Help us understand your goals so we can show you how we can align our technology and experience to optimize your business.

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