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Expert Services

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Interested in implementing advanced features and functionality? That’s why we offer Expert Services. Our Expert Services provide comprehensive offerings and custom offerings tailored to your goals at an affordable price.

Professional Services

No need to be a round peg trying to fit in a world full of square holes. Our team is passionate about building a solution that meets your business challenge.

  • Feeling the frustration of having to manage multiple user names and passwords for the numerous systems you access on a daily basis? With Single Sign-On (SSO), your customers will be automatically signed into your CaterTrax site as soon as they log into their campus or corporate network. SSO enables you to control who can place orders by leveraging your corporate network security process for managing employee authorization.

  • Provide seamless integration with your clients’ purchase order management system as we configure the TRAX Platform to interface with purchase order systems such as Ariba, JAGGAER, or Coupa.

  • The majority of data within the TRAX Platform is accessible so the integration possibilities are endless. To provide a complete ecosystem of catering solutions, CaterTrax integrates with the technology you use every day. Extend the power of CaterTrax to all of the tools you use to improve margins, manage costs, and make smart decisions. We can assist you by establishing a link between the TRAX Platform and the programs you use.

  • Easily sync your data and get reports on how your catering sales are impacting your business. Export and import data with the TRAX Platform to ensure seamless data flow with your existing accounting, ERP, or CRM systems. Need custom or enhanced reporting capabilities? We can assist you to create reports for advanced aggregate and comparison reporting.

Managed Services

Short on time and need help starting your next project? Rely on our Managed Services team complete work you never seem to get to.

  • Having a standard approach for menus across a region or industry is ideal for logistics of production and pricing. But the reality is most accounts have certain menu requests that may be very specific to the region of the country or a favorite of the President of the account. Our Menu Team is available to make minor edits or completely overhaul your menu as needed.

  • A great way to drive traffic to the fleet of your websites for a particular industry or region is to keep content fresh and current with timely limited time offers. Our Client Services team can publish content to your entire fleet or a specific set of sites. These projects can be quoted upon request or scheduled in advance to support planned promotions.

  • The TRAX Platform can accommodate many design and style requests based on your brand guidelines. You determine if you want to use corporate design resources for initial concepts or our knowledgeable staff. We are able to manage creating or updating website templates depending on the brand for specific industry or region. Our design team is ready to work with you to consult on your next request.

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