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How can our Catering Solution help you?

Limit the chaos of running a busy foodservice operation with a powerful Catering solution that was built by caterers for caterers and tailored to meet the unique demands of your operation. CaterTrax can help you take control of your foodservice operation with a powerful platform that is highly configurable all-in-one system designed to elevate your unique brand of hospitality. 

Changing the way you cater.

CaterTrax offers premium resources to make your people, operations and customer services thrive including onboarding services, support, education, and consulting. We will change the way you look at managed hospitality.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Discover businesses like yours who have found success with CaterTrax. Read success stories about our platform, our team, and the affect our technology has had on their business.


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"Efficient, Organized, and Helpful"

CaterTrax makes it so easy to keep each event organized! There is a place for every detail so no piece of information gets lost. All past events are saved so you can look back at notes from previous years for recurring events without having to try to keep scraps of paper with handwritten notes. And, the CaterTrax team is always happy to help in every way they can. 


"All Orders are Clear"

Prior to CaterTrax, this account was “guesstamating” on cost and prices and that caused inconsistency. Customers felt like we charged whatever we wanted at the time the order was discussed verbally. Now, all orders are clear. There is no possible way of misinterpreting the order with CaterTrax.