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A Smarter Way to Manage Your Operation

Leverage the benefits of our platform to manage your hospitality operation.

Seize Control

Seize Control

Stay Organized: Customers can create online ordering accounts enabling easy access to track orders, request changes, and repeat orders. And all data is captured in one accurate, reliable system of record.

Keep Updated: Every order generates kitchen and pack sheets, with edits automatically updated across all documents.

Be Informed: Order tracking tools keep your team and customers informed of every update.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Plan Ahead: See your orders for the day, week, or month, allowing planning for food preparation, inventory, staffing, and more.

Reduce Costs: Fewer mistakes mean lower costs. With all your data in one streamlined system, you reduce the number of botched orders, wasted inventory, and comped meals.

Save Time: No need to plan orders around business hours. Let customers place orders at their convenience with online ordering. And with all data accurately captured in one system, everyone stays on the same page. No need to spend time tracking down notes or remaking orders.

Stimulate Growth

Stimulate Growth

Increase Sales: Maximize sales with minimal effort. Online ordering means your operation can take orders 24/7.

Manage Strategically: Our reporting tools give you the insights to make data-driven decisions, forecast future events, and ensure profitability.

Satisfy Customers: Increase satisfaction by empowering customers to conveniently place and manage orders online. Earn loyalty by providing an elevated customer experience⁠—fewer mistakes, faster response times, and overall seamless service.

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