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Grow Your Catering Operation

Superior Service

To us, SaaS means Service as a Software and we’ve built a great platform based on putting our clients first. Our support team averages over a 90% client satisfaction rating, exceeding expectations of customer support industry-wide.

Flexible Technology

The TRAX Platform delivers a broad range of capabilities that would otherwise require multiple disparate systems. Our software has countless configurations that can be molded to meet the needs of our client’s unique brand of hospitality.

Impressive Results

The TRAX Platform puts the power back in the hands of our clients so they have the time, energy, and organization to grow their reach and bring their catering experiences to life.

"Best investment I have made"

We have had CaterTrax for about five months now and it is the best investment I have made at this location. As a matter of fact, the Catering and Floor Stock solutions have been so successful that we are launching the remote menu option for the hospital staff. I would not have considered adding it if your staff was not at this level.

AP Clerk

AP Clerk

Peterson Regional Medical Center

Member Since: 2012