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Floor Stock

Take Control of Your Costs

Keep track of stock anytime, anywhere with CaterTrax Floor Stock. Designed to help you manage inventory accurately and efficiently, Floor Stock helps you maximize both your budget and your time.

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Save Time

Save Time

Use automated processes to increase efficiencies and streamline workflow
Save Money

Save Money

Skip unnecessary spending on extra stock
Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste

Monitor inventory levels and order only the stock you need


  • Meet your customers where they are. Our system enables customers to conveniently place orders from any device.

  • Configure different features to fit your unique business needs with custom business rules and pick-up and delivery options.

  • Looking to combine solutions? Our platform makes it simple. Enjoy seamless access across any combination of solutions on one web site.


  • Choose stock items, pricing, and par levels to meet your operational needs.

  • Make inventory easily accessible. Our online ordering system is designed with intuitive navigation and a simple check-out process.

  • Check out the big picture or check in on the details. You can toggle the calendar views from monthly, weekly, or daily. Customizable order status pins display information at-a-glance, making it easy to stay organized.

  • Oversee specifics from start to finish. Our tracking tools ensure order accuracy by keeping customers and staff on the same page with every update.

  • Monitor trends, analyze outcomes, and make data-informed decisions with our reporting and forecasting tools.

Enterprise Management

We’re here to support you as your business grows. Our enterprise solutions connect systems across multiple locations for centralized management and corporate-wide reporting.

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