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Professional Services


We're Here to Custom Build Your CaterTrax Solution

Looking for unique solutions specially crafted for your business? At CaterTrax, we have a team of experts ready to customize how your site looks, runs, reports out, and more. Our flexible platform is designed to adapt to different business needs, so you can have your cake on the menu and eat it too.

Professional Services

  • Ensure your menu and promotions are always up to date. We manage all content edits—from limited-time offers and seasonal items to a complete overhaul of your menu—across one or more sites.

  • Take your website to the next level. We offer custom homepage development, menu grids, and fonts to further showcase your brand and create a unique online ordering experience.

  • Make it easy to manage admin access and simple for customers to sign in. With Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication, you can use Single Sign-On to make the login credentials for your CaterTrax site the same as your campus or corporate network. No extra passwords to remember, and no added worries about network security.

  • Provide customers with a quick and convenient way to pay for online orders. We can help you add or edit credit card gateways as additional payment options.

  • Streamline your operation with system integration. Our platform can seamlessly interface with your purchase order system (Ariba, JAGGAER, and Coupa) so you can quickly and efficiently manage all workflow.

  • Manage your details all in one place. Our experts can import and export data within the platform for continuous information flow across systems. Run aggregate and tailored reports to monitor trends, efficiencies, and overall business performance.

  • Create the perfect fit. Talk to us about your unique business challenge, and we’ll work with you to build a custom solution.

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