Meet the New Master Invoice

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Multiple Orders, One Payment

We’re excited to announce the enhanced Master Invoice. CaterTrax administrators will be able to group an individual customer’s orders into a single invoice with a unique ID and apply one payment. Each unique order’s production details are kept intact. With this enhancement, CaterTrax administrators can:

  • Associate individual orders into a single, aggregated invoice.
  • Apply a single payment across orders that will appear as one charge.
  • Edit and modify a Master Invoice before payment.
  • Email or print Master Invoice payment totals or order details with product information.
  • Apply full or partial payments to grouped orders.


Preserving the Integrity of Payments and Production

CaterTrax Master Invoice
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Process orders with a single payment so you can reduce credit card processing fees.




CaterTrax Master Invoice
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Access each individual order’s production sheets and information, therefore maintaining the unique integrity of grouped orders.




CaterTrax Master Invoice
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Apply mixed payment methods to process orders within a Master Invoice. As a result, it’s easy for someone to pick up the lunch tab while another pays the bar fee.



This update is part of the CaterTrax standard feature set so it incurs no additional cost to our current subscribers. If you are not yet a CaterTrax administrator, book a demo to learn more.


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