8 CaterTrax Employees Honored with a TRAX Star Award

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Core Values Personified

Our CaterTrax core values make us who we are – as individuals and as a company overall – and the way our employees embrace each and every one of our core values continues to solidify our company culture. Every staff member is an ambassador of hospitality, delivering excellence in every interaction with each other and clients, so when someone goes above and beyond to promote one, a few, or all of our core values, we want to recognize them. How do we do that? Through nominating our peers for a TRAX Star Award and calling out what they did to deserve such an honor.

Embracing our company culture is a way of life here at CaterTrax, so congratulations to the following CaterTrax employees for taking our core values to the next level and earning themselves a TRAX Star Award last quarter.

Congratulations TRAX Star Award Winners!

Tam VanNostrand, Marketing Coordinator. We are Resourceful and Creative.

Increasing Efficiency with Existing Tools

Tam managed several education email campaigns and would provide metrics back to our Education department which was an extensive amount of work. She saw this as an opportunity to streamline reporting and give metrics to the Education Team. Using Mail Chimp and other marketing integration software, Tam managed to configure reporting to be automated for 30 reports on a monthly basis. This innovative approach in pursuit of excellence has saved her about 5 hours a month.


Fil Magro, Site Build Specialist. We Demonstrate Hospitality and We Build Positive Teams with Family Spirit.

Always Lending a Helping Hand

When his co-worker Linda had a family emergency, Fil was there to step in. He offered to take her scheduled conference call despite his increasing workload that day. He even built the site! Another co-worker, Justin, shared that when he needed help with a client’s menu and skin changes when nobody else was available – Fil was! Fil didn’t NEED to step in when Justin needed help but he did anyways while working on other projects and helped keep the process moving for the client.


Ashley Ditch, Marketing Coordinator. We are Passionate and Determined.

A TRAX Ambassador in Critical Times

Ashley called Kim, her manager, knowing Kim was driving into work to let her know the phones weren’t working and the point-person was tied up with a project. Kim talked her through next steps and Ashley jumped right in to switch the phone greeting and had crafted a message before Kim arrived at work. Crisis communication isn’t part of Ashley’s daily responsibilities, it’s Kim’s and another team member’s. Kim was thankful Ashley stepped up and pursued excellence because, in these situations, timing is critical.


Blythe Bower, Menu Solutions Consultant. We Pursue Excellence and We Demonstrate Hospitality.

Demonstrating Hospitality Inside and Out

Blythe was passionate and dedicated to the re-commercialization of sub-products, spending time working with peers and external stakeholders. Blythe stepped up and lead the Menu Team while the Menu Manager, Liz, was out, making sure they worked at optimum performance – all while fulfilling her other job duties. She also went out of her way to suggest that the Marketing Team send a Thanksgiving greeting to our Canadian clients since there are more than 200 sites – a sizeable group to send warm greetings to.


Ben Rodell, Client Support Specialist. We Pursue Excellence.

TRAX Superstar!

Ben could be nominated for any of our core values. Since joining the Client Support Team, Ben quickly became an integral member of the team. His attitude and willingness to learn, as well as share his own knowledge, has made waves within our team and with administrators who request to speak directly to Ben every day. No matter the issue, he is always positive and encouraging with every call, bar none. He’s even taught old dogs new tricks, making us more efficient in our own ways.


Bruce Barry, Site Build Specialist. We Build Positive Teams with Family Spirit.

Helping Hand

Sue was having technical problems right before an integration call that included 3 sites. Participants were joining the call and she couldn’t hear them after trying to connect multiple times. Bruce offered to log into her call to see if they could hear each other. Sue couldn’t hear Bruce but he could hear and talk to the participants. He very graciously offered to do the call for Sue and at the same time calmed the frustrated participants.


Wendy Woodard, Administrative Assistant. We are Open Minded and Embrace Change and We Build Positive Teams with Family Spirit.

Wendy Rocks!

With all of the changes happening recently – between CaterTrax’s great acquisition news and her temporary shifts in Tech Ops due to folks bringing Baby TRAXERS into their families – Wendy has been more than available and always positive. She has done a stellar job filling in for Amy. It was a sudden decision and we are thankful for all the efforts Wendy has done to balance her daily tasks with additional duties.


Lindsay Pothos, Director of Human Resources. We Pursue Excellence.

Outstanding Work

During the acquisition, Lindsay went above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition for everyone! She worked weekends to ensure all 80+ of us had turned in paperwork to maintain our employment with the new company. Lindsay gave up personal time to answer all questions and unwaveringly pursued excellence through trials, uncomfortable moments, and mountains of paperwork to be collected and processed on our behalf.

Have you worked with a member of the CaterTrax team who went the extra mile to provide you with great customer service? What was so memorable about the interaction and why did it leave such a positive impact on you? Would you like to give them a well-deserved shout-out so we can recognize them for being a true ambassador of hospitality?

Let Us Know!

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