Help Desk Ticket Categories Update

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CaterTrax Administrators will notice some new and renamed ticket categories next time they submit a support request.

On Tuesday, December 12th, we gave our hard-working Support Team an early holiday present by updating our help desk ticket categories. Just like we do for our partners and clients; we are constantly scoping out ways to make our jobs at CaterTrax Inc Headquarters easier too. The long and short is – it helps us help you. And let us tell you, the literal jingle bells went off when we realized we could increase some internal efficiencies simply by updating our ticket categories – so we went ahead and did just that. This update will help our support team identify areas for support quicker, reducing the time it takes to get you what you need.

Updated Ticket Categories

Most of our pre-existing ticket categories were this close to perfect but needed some polishing up to clarify the nature of the request. CaterTrax administrators will notice we’ve updated the ticket categories to be a bit more specific and action orientated. Check out what’s changed below:

The new ticket category names will replace what’s on the Help Desk Support Requests drop down below, accompanied by two new ticket categories.

New Ticket Categories

We’re also creating two new ticket categories as follows:

  • Payment Issue
  • Website Content Adjustments

Happy Helping

Our teams are dedicated to serving our administrators with the highest degree of hospitality possible. This update serves as a rare opportunity where you can actually see an example of some of the work we do behind the scenes to continuously increase internal efficiencies that will help us reach that next level of service.

All caterers know, it’s truly those small signature touch points that make the biggest difference and set you apart. It’s always exciting for us to share a big release or software update, but we’ve got our eye on the details just like you and this is just one example of the many things we’re doing to ensure the CaterTrax Effect is always a positive one.

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