Release Notes: December 2021

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Order Attachments: Add, Organize, and Now Delete

Have you noticed an increase in event-related documents? During these ever-changing times, you might need different documents, waivers, and lists to ensure compliance with health guidelines. Now you can attach multiple documents to your orders, organize items by renaming them, and delete any as needed.

In addition to attaching documents on the order review page, you can now attach documents on the invoice page. Attach the wrong item? You can delete it now too. Stay on top of event safety by keeping all details and documents organized in one place.

Admin Sign-In Page: Get More Information Up Front

We’ve updated the administrative sign-in page to share important messages and system notifications all in one convenient spot. Don’t worry; we won’t crowd the page. We’ll only share our most exciting, significant, or urgent messages with you. Watch for new information on that page soon!

Mark Orders Processed: Customer Clarity

Are you taking advantage of our Mark Orders Processed feature? When enabled, you will find that the window now includes both the customer’s name and invoice/event name, in addition to the invoice/event ID. This allows you to quickly see who each order belongs to. With surveys enabled, it also helps you manage them more efficiently. Save time and decrease survey fatigue by eliminating multiple surveys sent to customers who placed more than one order that day, or by rescheduling surveys to customers who recently received one.

Updated Mark Orders Processed window with survey functionality enabled

Updated Mark Orders Processed window without survey functionality

Coming Soon: Allergens on the Menu

Make it safe and easy for customers to order according to their dietary needs. We’re working on an update to include allergens and components on the product details page. Gluten-free? Lactose intolerant? We’ll have it covered.

*This update is specific to the most recent version of the Online Ordering Experience. Interested in updating your ordering site? Contact us.

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