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Built by Caterers for Caterers

 We created a better way for you to manage your business by streamlining operations and reducing costs for a better bottom line. From managing more effectively to delivering an exceptional customer service, CaterTrax provides solutions for catering challenges in a variety of industries.

Game Changing Add-Ons

Create the solution you need to run your business better with the flexibility to adapt as your business grows and changes.


Our flexible solutions can easily be plugged into another CaterTrax solution to meet the unique needs of your operation. 

Kitchen Printing

Configure printing based on your kitchen’s needs and coordinate timing or order fulfilment. 

Multi-Unit Director

CaterTrax equips you and your team with an arsenal of data from single-unit to a consolidated multi-unit view. 

Payment Gateways

Process credit cards securely with PCI Compliant Gateways from our list of preferred vendors. 

Catering Rooms Manager

Manage catering and reserve rooms in a single system that seamlessly integrates with your existing data and settings. 

CaterTrax Assist

Assistive Technology, powered by accessiBe, makes online ordering accessible for individuals with disabilities. 

Take Control of Catering

Balance your busy operations and staff without the stress. Take a live tour to discover how our catering solution can change the way you look at foodservice.

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Social Tables

Because your time is valuable, we partnered with Social Tables to make seating simple.