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Education Services

Think Differently, Learn Positively

To set you up for success, our education team offers an ever-growing course library. Learn at your own pace with resources available on-demand, around the clock, from anywhere. With dynamic learning environments like live trainings, webinars, user-guides, and videos you’ll have all the skills at hand to unlock the power of the TRAX Platform.

Our Mantra

Using our proven methodology used to train all CaterTrax employees, we’ve created a highly engaging learning environment that addresses all learning styles with a variety of resources in compact sessions that fit your schedule.

CaterTrax's Education Model

Complimentary Services

  • These sessions are perfect for when new staff joins the team and they need to get up to speed on how to leverage the TRAX platform for your account. The customer roll-out ideally has been requested when a site is launched, but can be a great way to drive adoption for customers after a site has gone live.

  • This weekly one hour webinar is designed for site administrators. Once your administrators have completed the session, they will be awarded the CaterTrax Certificate of Completion. This designation is reserved for administrators only that have participated and completed this class.

  • These sessions are offered at the convenience of your schedule and your customer. This is designed to get your customers placing orders using the TRAX platform. Simply invite your customers to the training session and we will show them how easy it is to place orders using your site.

  • Our Education team hosts training sessions about popular features and enhancements of the TRAX Platform.

  • This is the quickest way to familiarize yourself with the TRAX platform. Back to Basics comprehensive training series is designed to showcase functionality that we consider as hidden gems or have been reported as most popular by our clients.

Custom Services

  • Customize learning assets to meet your location’s specific needs. Our education team can create a highly impactful on demand training video or instructional guide specific to your unique brand of hospitality.

  • Similar to our complimentary webinars, these sessions are engaging and interactive live sessions with a training specialist but are exclusively for you and your staff and teach using your solution’s configurations and settings. These trainings are designed per your request and scheduled at your convenience.

Come and Learn With Us

Are you an existing CaterTrax administrator? Contact us to learn more about our education opportunities. 

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