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CaterTrax Learning

Our training resources below give you the option to learn at your own pace or join us for a guided training session. 

For on-demand learning, check out our “Getting Started” library of video tutorials and user guides that walk you through our solutions from start to finish. The “Back to Basics” series includes longer videos that cover the foundational elements to get you up and running successfully. 

Need more guidance? Join us for virtual classes. We offer TRAX Starter courses (great for an introduction or a refresher) and the TRAX Advanced series, to help you make the most out of your CaterTrax solution.

  • Check out our tutorials on common functions and features, from quick admin tasks to the ins and outs of order management.

      • Administrator Account Password Reset 
      • My Account Page 
      • Logging In (Customer Tutorial) 
      • Menu Edit Tool  📄
      • Promo Codes  📄
      • Standard Reports 
      • Send a Support Ticket 
    Customer Management
      • Create a Customer Account  📄
      • Manage Customer Account 
      • Send Tracking Messages 
      • Using Mass Email  📄
    Order Management
      • Create an Order 
      • Modify Orders  📄
      • Process an Order 
      • Online Ordering Quick Start Guide (Customer Guide)  📄
      • Add a Payment  📄
      • Apply a Refund  📄
      • Master Invoice  📄
      • Managing Your Payment Gateway 📄
      • Generating Credit Card Payment Verification Reports 📄
      • Managing Your Online Wallet (Customer Guide)  📄

    Tutorials below are specific to each solution.

      • Navigate the Admin Site  📄
      • Create an Order 📄 
      • All Day Ordering  📄 
      • Manage Order Approvals 📄
      • Set a Seasonal Menu  📄
      • Ordering Online (Customer Tutorial)   📄
      • All Day Ordering (Customer Guide)  📄 
      • Create an Order  📄
      • Administrative Calendar View  📄
      • Ordering Online (Customer Tutorial)  📄
    Floor Stock
      • Create an Order  📄
      • Ordering Online (Customer Tutorial)  📄
  • Take a deeper dive into the topics that matter to your day-to-day operation.

    Managing Daily Site Activity   (14:58)

    Learn about managing live orders, accessing reports and graphs, using calendar hard blocks, and more.

    Managing Orders  (10:55)

    Create custom orders, manage change requests, and more. You’ll be an order management expert in no time.

    Staying in Touch with Customers  (16:38)

    Communication is key. Stay connected with tools like mass email and message tracking.

    Exploring Customer Management  (15:48)

    Learn everything you need to successfully manage your customer accounts and information.

  • Join us in our virtual classroom! Dates and times are listed on the registration page.

    TRAX Starter


    Whether you’re a new team member or need a refresher, this introductory session is designed to ensure you’re comfortable with the day-to-day functions of our Catering solution.


    Learn more about our Take-Out solution, a suite of functions that can help you add revenue streams and take your operation to the next level with pick-up and delivery support. Take-Out includes To-Go, Meal Replacement, Limited Catering, Cafe Services, and Grocery. Mix and match functions to find the best fit for your business.

    Floor Stock

    Get familiar with our Floor Stock solution. This session will introduce the basics and help you feel comfortable using Floor Stock on a regular basis.

    TRAX Advanced

    Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

    Now that you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to make the most out of your CaterTrax experience. From calendar filters to customer classifications, learn about advanced features and best practices that benefit your day-to-day operations and, ultimately, your bottom line.

    Communication Channels

    Communication is key. Enhance your knowledge of messaging features such as customer distribution list, custom tracking templated messages, mass emails, and more. Stay in touch to stay top-of-mind.

    More Than a Delivery Method

    Did you know you can customize payment methods for different customer groups? Or that you can ask for different information based on delivery location? Acquire the skills to customize and filter your delivery data like a pro, increasing your efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

    Lead Time and Order Blocks

    Learn how to manage lead time and order blocks so you’re always one step ahead. In this session, you will explore hard and soft blocks, weekend buffers, and more.