2018 Food Trends Hitting Menus This Year

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New Year, New Menu Items

Trends in the foodservice industry are constantly shifting to keep up with the needs and interests of consumers. Technavio’s market research analysts predict that the global foodservice market will grow at a CAGR of close to 5% by 2021. Keeping up with food trends will help you drive growth at your foodservice operation and satisfy your customers as this landscape continues to expand. Keep an eye out for these top food trend predictions of 2018.

Plant-Based Meals

This is a trend showing up on most if not all 2018 food trend lists and foodservice operators will reap big benefits from buying in. Incorporating more plant-based meals into menus and cutting down on meats will help lower costs, positively impact budgets, and support sustainability. With more people identifying as vegan or vegetarian each year, adding plant-based options to your menu will drive satisfaction while reducing the need for kitchen staff to make one-off, specially requested, meatless meals.

New Cuts of Meat

On the flipside of moving towards more plant-based offerings, foodservice operators will also be offering new cuts of meat, creating unique menu items that keep customers interested. Some examples include shoulder tender, oyster steak, Vegas Strip steak, and merlot cut. Thinking in this “nose-to-tail” mindset reduces waste while boosting your bottom line.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Redesigning eating areas to satisfy more than one need benefits both consumers and foodservice operators. Think of the on-the-go student who needs to study or the businesswoman who has a tight deadline and needs a quiet place to work – both have to buckle down for a long stretch of time and both need to eat. This year, create multi-purpose spaces where customers can work comfortably alone or together and also have access to meals or on-the-go options to drive business.

Clearly Displayed Nutritional Information

The compliance date for the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) menu labeling requirements is fast-approaching. Affected foodservice establishments need to update menus with calorie information and a daily caloric intake statement by May 7th, 2018 in order to comply and improve the nations’ state of health. Learn more about the regulation and how CaterTrax can support you here.

Food Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

  • Avocados, whether on toast, pureed in a drink, or as a healthy ingredient substitute.
  • Ethnic-inspired foods and flavors, which also made the 2017 food trends.
  • Hyper-local foods, supporting continuing efforts to support a more sustainable future within our own communities.
  • Online ordering and easy access to menus through the use of technology.

Update Your Menu Now for 2018

Interested in adding any of these food trends or any other new menu items to your CaterTrax online ordering site? Simply submit a support ticket when logged in as an administrator detailing your request and one of our Menu Specialists will assist.

If you don’t yet offer online ordering but would like more information about how our catering management software, the TRAX Platform, can strengthen your foodservice operation, book a demo to speak with one of our experts to learn more.

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