How To Improve Customer Communication Using Your CaterTrax Solution

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Whether you’re just starting out, or you have a well-established clientele, maintaining communication with customers has a direct correlation to the success of your foodservice operation. CaterTrax’s catering management software, the TRAX Platform, makes it simple for you to stay in touch and provides tools to help you learn valuable insights about customers, track customer satisfaction, and nurture repeat business. By understanding the best ways to utilize your CaterTrax solution, you’ll be better positioned to build stronger relationships and support the success of your foodservice operation.

Increase Customer Communication With:

  • Mass Email: The Mass Email tool lets you create customized messages to email one, multiple, or all customers, with the option to save messages as templates for future use. Do you have any upcoming events or promotions planned? Use the Mass Email Tool to let customers know so you can drive sales and boost your bottom line. Watch a video overview of the Mass Email Tool here.
    • Tip: Always preview messages before sending to ensure you’re sending the intended information.
    • Tip: Create a “Loyalty” email template and reward customers with a coupon when they join your mailing list.
  • Tracking Messages: Click the “Track Order” icon within an order to notify customers when important changes occur, like order updates or order status changes, so there are no surprises come event time. Watch a video overview of Tracking Messages here.
    • Tip: To double check that any order changes were made or to see previously sent tracking messages, click the “Order Tracking” tab when in an order.
    • Tip: When sending the same tracking message to multiple customers, use a semicolon (;) to separate email addresses.
    • Tip: Always preview messages before sending to ensure you’re sending the intended information.
  • Event Surveys: To keep a pulse on your business and customer satisfaction, use event surveys to gain important customer feedback. The TRAX Platform allows you to create, edit and delete surveys, report on any feedback received, and view individual survey responses. All responses are attached to an order ID so you can see who answered a survey, and follow-up if necessary. Watch a video overview of Event Surveys here.
    • Tip: Receive negative feedback? Reach out and find out what happened. When a customer sees you’re listening and you’re willing to resolve an issue, you’re more likely to keep them as a customer and gain their respect, and repeat business.
  • Reports: Standard reports can show you what’s selling – and what’s not – but slow-sellers don’t have to leave a negative impact on your bottom line. So before you take an item off the menu, hold a promotion to decrease your losses on unused inventory. Email your entire list of customers (see Mass Email above) and announce the promotion on your CaterTrax website’s homepage.
    • Tip: Try “50% Off”, “Buy One, Get One Free”, or “Spend “$100 Get (insert slow-selling appetizer here) For $3 Per Guest!”
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Keep Customers Informed, Interested

Continued communication with customers is the key to building deeper relationships and maintaining their future business. So if you keep customers informed and hold their interest, it’s very likely that they’ll keep coming back to you again and again. If you have any questions on the tools outlined above or use your CaterTrax solution in other inventive ways to maintain effective communication with customers, please let us know in the comment section below.

Do you currently use hand-written sticky notes to keep track of order changes shared over the phone? Are you frustrated when an event goes awry because you never got the message that a customer meant to order 200 dinner rolls instead of 20? We understand, and we’re happy to help! Book a demo to see how CaterTrax’s catering management software has already helped thousands of foodservice operations streamline and improve customer communication.

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