Recognizing Exemplary Employees: Quarter 1 2017 TRAX Star Winners

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CaterTrax has completed another successful quarter, and you know what that means. It’s time to announce the next group of TRAX Star winners! The following employees were recognized for going above and beyond to exemplify the following CaterTrax core values:


Earning the prestigious honor of a TRAX Star deserves to be celebrated, so congratulations to the eight individuals highlighted below. Thank you for everything you do for our internal teams and the thousands of clients we serve day in and day out.


Lisa_K_TRAXSTARLisa Kostyshak: We Pursue Excellence.

It’s not easy to pick up a project that was started by someone else, but Lisa did just that, adding value right out of the gate. Lisa skillfully investigates and probes to make sure she thoroughly understands a question or comment and provides answers that are concise, comprehensive, and easy to understand. When asked to review courses or TRAX Guide articles she always provides thoughtful and pertinent feedback.



Stacy Pline: We Are Resourceful and Creative; We Pursue Excellence.

Stacy recently completed a difficult and demanding project. By listening to the client to understand what they needed, she was able to create an “in-the-box” solution with existing technology. She also came up with a creative solution to a problem faced by our Education Team that gave clients access to new learning assets. Stacy did not hesitate to get creative and help where needed regardless of the other work on her plate.


Amy_Follet_TRAXSTARAmy Follett: We Pursue Excellence.

Amy is the contact person for several projects that span multiple departments. She’s always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes and prides herself on the fact that she can define and execute projects efficiently. She pursues excellence to make sure loose ends are tied up as she sees every project through to completion.


Nick_Tachco_TRAXSTARNick Tachco: We Pursue Excellence.

For the past two months, Nick has worked tirelessly alongside Ken to complete an important project for one of our clients. The deadline was May 5th, and the project involved touching over 1,000 sites individually. To keep pace with the plan, Nick regularly put in overtime without a single complaint, proving he is bulletproof and ready for anything, making us proud he’s a TRAXER for multiple reasons.


Rob_Gillenkirk_TRAXSTARRob Gillenkirk: We Pursue Excellence.

Rob continually impresses us with his level of dedication and his pursuit of excellence. Rob documented processes for our new accounting system, and the handbook he created is very precise and easy to follow. Rob is conscientious, always ensuring his time-sensitive tasks are complete. Whether it means missing out on a birthday team lunch or staying late on a Friday to make sure monthly billing is on target, Rob’s priorities are always in the right place.


rsz_annie_murphyAnnie Murphy: We Are Resourceful and Creative.

Jeff received an email that a very important package was delivered, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Annie saw him frantically looking around the office and offered a helping hand, contacting the main office of the building and finding the package! She also went out of her way to walk Jeff to the office and introduce him to the building manager. Her actions were a HUGE assistance and relief.


Amanda_Patrella_TRAXSTARAmanda Christella: We Are Resourceful and Creative; We Pursue Excellence.

There was a payroll calculation issue in the 4th quarter which sent shockwaves through our office. Amanda worked tirelessly to resolve it, keeping open communication with TRAXERS. She was resourceful and creative in solving the issue and is always looking out for our well-being, making sure we are all recognized for our hard work. Amanda pursues excellence when addressing both formal and informal HR needs and is an asset to the CaterTrax family.


Congratulations TRAX Stars!

And thank you to our employees who took the time to
nominate your peers and recognize one another for a job well done!

Have you worked with a member of our team who went above and beyond to serve you or satisfy a need you had? Let us know! We love hearing from our clients when members of the CaterTrax team demonstrate hospitality in such a way that they leave a positive impact on our clients’ foodservice operations. Please share your story with us so we can give credit where credit is due. It only takes a few minutes!

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