Release Notes: August 2022

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Menu Allergens: Make Food Safety Simple

Make it simple for customers to stay safe and manage dietary restrictions by sharing common allergens on your menu. Once you have assigned allergens to your product components, you can enable them to display among other nutritional information. Gluten-free? Lactose intolerant? We have you covered.


This update is specific to the most recent version of the Online Ordering Experience. Interested in updating your ordering site? Contact us.

Limited Quantities, Limited Options: Manage Variety Efficiently

Offer your customers variety while managing production needs. You can now limit the number of product options available based on the customer order quantity.

For example, if you offer 5 different options of boxed lunches and a customer orders your minimum quantity of 10, you can allow them to only select up to 2 choices of boxed lunches to fulfill their order. If your customer instead orders 100 boxed lunches, you can allow them to select from all 5 options.

Use this feature to control both customer choice and how your kitchen scales for efficiency.

Update Product and Feature Choice Pricing at Once

Manage business costs by swiftly updating your pricing all at once. We have recently added the ability to make bulk changes to feature choice pricing by percentage, dollar amount, or one set price via the Menu Edit Tool—saving your team time and money. Bulk updates to product pricing are coming soon.

Faster Updates with Floor Stock Par

We now offer par levels as a separate data field in our Floor Stock solution. With this update, you can edit par values yourself via the Menu Edit Tool. Forget wait times—this self-service option means you control how quickly you edit par values.

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