Release Notes: October 2022

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Master Your Menu: Product Pricing Updates and More

Our latest updates to the Menu Edit Tool make it easier to take control of your menu and pricing.

Bulk Product Pricing Edits Now Live: Manage business costs by swiftly updating your pricing all at once. In addition to feature choices, you can now make bulk changes to product pricing by percentage, dollar amount, or one set price.


Feature Choice Filtering: Find menu items faster with added filters. On the Feature Choices tab, you now have the option to filter by Feature Name. To enable this, first filter by Category Group and then by Category.

Autosave to the Rescue: Draft Orders for Customers

We’re rolling out a new feature for customers: draft orders. Need to take a call while completing an order? No problem. When a customer is signed into their account, any order they start will be autosaved as a draft that they can access afterward.

VIP Service Made Simple: Admin-Only Delivery Locations

Need VIP delivery options that customers can’t access? We have you covered. You can now add special delivery locations that are only available to admins. Offer the elevated experience of delivering directly to VIP offices, board rooms, and other exclusive areas, while keeping those delivery options hidden from the public.

Keep Your Numbers Neat: Aligning Purchase Order Payments Across Systems

To give us flexibility when updating orders, purchase order (PO) systems can allow for variance from the original order amount. When an update comes through—within the approved variance—admins can now add a manual payment entry against the same PO, aligning the total amount in the CaterTrax platform with the final payment in the PO system. Easily reconcile charges and streamline your accounting process by keeping payment totals aligned across systems.

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