Release Notes: October 2021

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Order Attachments: Organize Your Event Details

As you plan for events during these challenging times, you might find there are extra documents needed to ensure compliance with health guidelines. Did you know that we make it easy to keep all those documents and details in one place? Manage guest safety and capacity by attaching venue diagrams, attendee lists, compliance documents, and photos to each order.

We recently refreshed the look and feel of the order review page to make this process faster and more efficient. As part of the update, we simplified the review page by hiding the invoice. Now, once an order is placed, you can swiftly attach multiple documents to the order. You can also organize items by renaming documents as needed. Save time and eliminate errors by keeping all event information together.

Locked Tax Fields*: Simplify Order Edits

Taxes are complicated enough; keep costs simple on your site. You can now restrict admin editing access for tax fields on orders. When enabled, this feature locks all tax fields when admins are editing the order. Your order will still display the appropriate tax based on your site’s configurations.

Refund Types*: Streamline Your Refund Process

Refund types can now be based on certain order conditions. If you are preparing a refund before the order is processed and locked, the refund options will only include payments or prepayments. If the order has been fully processed and there is no balance due, the refund options can include any order item, fee, or applicable tax.

*To enable the tax field or refund type features, please submit a ticket to Client Support.

Admin Portal Messaging: See Your Site in Test Mode

When our team places your site in test mode to make improvements, there will now be clear messaging displayed on both the customer-facing site and the admin portal.

Customers will continue to see your customized note or the default note, “This site is in demo mode! Orders cannot be placed on this site. If you need to place an order, please call your catering department.”

Admins will now see the note, “This customer site is currently in test mode. Please contact CaterTrax support with any questions.” This new messaging makes it simple for admins to see when their site is being updated.

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