CaterTrax Culture

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Company culture is hard to define in words as it covers many aspects of the day-to-day office vibe. It’s defined by how people interact with one another, how the décor makes you feel, the delicious food shared with the office on holidays, birthdays, Bagel Fridays, or “just because” it’s Tuesday. When you walk in to CaterTrax you’re hit with a sense of positivity and family spirit resonating through the air, smiling faces greet you, and open and honest communication is encouraged. We celebrate our accomplishments and accolades as a team, recognizing everyone’s contributions to each of our successes and milestones. It reminds people of the hard work they’ve put in and of how far the company has come since its humble beginnings over ten years ago.

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CaterTrax was officially incorporated in 2004, co-founded by Rich Rund and Dan Welch – two passionate and determined entrepreneurs eager to improve the lives of foodservice operators through technology and service. Their dedication to cultivating a meaningful culture from the start supplements the continuous growth of the company and encourages employees to keep coming back, hungry for more. Eventually outgrowing its original headquarters, the team moved to a larger space in downtown Rochester, and has since developed a team of over 90 professionals. Employee-chosen core values are posted around the office since they contribute to the foundation of CaterTrax culture. The Leadership Team seeks out individuals who are a cultural fit for the company, who will continue to grow with the CaterTrax family, and they continuously touch on these values during meetings, company events, and annual reviews. Staying true to our values has laid the ground work for the atmosphere that defines CaterTrax culture.


Those Who Eat Together, Stay Together

Many CaterTrax employees have a history in the foodservice industry:

  • Our CEO peeled potatoes as a young boy, grew to wait tables, and managed a catering operation for many years
  • Our Menu Operations Manager used to manage multiple coffee shops at a local university
  • Our Marketing Manager still moonlights a few nights each week as a bartender at a local pub

These are just a few of many examples, but we mean it when we say we are rooted in the foodservice industry. As imagined, with all of that experience comes a love for all things delicious and our CaterTrax family sure loves to share food.

  • Every Friday, a member of the CaterTrax Bagel Club brings bagels and cream cheese for members of Bagel Club.
  • In the fall, the Vice President of Client Services brings in dozens of fried cakes from her family’s business, Herman’s Farm Market.
  • In December, we celebrate before leaving for the holidays with a day-long pot luck feast provided by employees.
  • Each quarter, those who pursue growth and learning are provided a breakfast catered by Jine’s Restaurant, a local Rochester staple, if they’ve earned a spot on the Dean’s List.

Again, these are only a few of the MANY examples of how much we enjoy eating together, and they all contribute to the food-loving part of our company culture. The goal of having families eat at the dinner table together is to grow their family closer through sharing food. The same is true here which is why we are more than just a group of employees working together – we are a family.


ROI on Culture is Retention

A stroll around CaterTrax headquarters is highlighted by the humble pride our company takes in culture and values, complete with the CaterTrax Hall of Fame. This hall features company murals and t-shirts framed as tributes to past CaterTrax festivities and charity events we participated in. But, what truly makes it a hall of fame are the caricatures of all our Five-Year-TRAXERS. When an employee celebrates their five year anniversary with CaterTrax, they are inducted (via caricature) into the Hall of Fame. The pictures signify recognition and thanks for the five years of hard work and dedication they have put in to support the company and reminds passersby that our people are the building blocks to our culture. At the beginning of each year, the company is invited to an annual party to celebrate the holidays, the New Year, and the unveiling of the new caricatures to be hung, portraying the newest bunch of employees who have reached their five year anniversary with the company. Each year the number of caricatures on the wall grows, showing that the ROI on culture, is retention.


Living in NOTA

Take a step outside the CaterTrax office and you’ll be immersed in Rochester’s NOTA district – Neighborhood of the Arts. CaterTrax is located in NOTA where the area is bursting with local art, from sculptures outside the Memorial Art Gallery, eclectic benches scattered throughout the streets, local art-filled shops, and creations from local artists all around Village Gate itself, where CaterTrax “lives”. Team meetings are held at Starry Nites Cafe, the cozy coffee shop around the corner. An internal beta test was held at the Rochester Brainery, a local business providing classroom-style space, equipment, and classes for the community. More often than not, members of the CaterTrax Bagel Club get homemade bagels and cream cheese from Balsam Bagels, a local favorite and staple in the Rochester community. Working in this neighborhood has had a hand in strengthening the creative, local-centric piece of our culture and has allowed us to build stronger relationships with local businesses.


The People Drive It Home

When asked about CaterTrax culture and the company’s core values, Jed Sherman, Chief Operating Officer said “It’s all overlapping and starts with our people.” This is evidenced by the expanding Hall of Fame each year, the number of employees increasing each quarter, and the dedication to living the core values in every situation.  It’s no easy task to build and sustain a positive company culture but we treat each other with respect, celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and support one another no matter what because that is what families do. It’s our people, each individual person, who really drive home the positive and inviting atmosphere that defines CaterTrax culture.

Are you hungry, humble and smart and interested in joining the family? Apply today! We look forward to learning more about you.


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