Employee Recognition Revamped – Meet The First Round of TRAX Star Winners!

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At the close of last quarter, CaterTrax successfully completed the first TRAX Star nomination period since the program’s revamp earlier in 2016. As the program entails, two to three of CaterTrax’s ten core values are chosen at the start of each new quarter. Employees may nominate any of their peers for a TRAX Star if they personify one, or all, of the selected core values during that time. At the close of each quarter, an internal committee gathers together to review all nominations and to select the top nominees who best reflected the specified values.

Which Core Values Were Highlighted in Quarter 3?

First 3 Core Values

Throughout the quarter, there were 25 nominations total, recognizing 16 different people. The internal committee reviewed all nominations to narrow it down to the TRAX Star Award winners below for quarter 3.

And The Winners Are …. Drum Roll Please ….

Tamara VanNostrand, Marketing Coordinator

Earlier this year the marketing department added 2 new team members and Tam helped train them. She stayed open minded, embraced this change, and was excited for new responsibilities she received with this transition. Over the past few months, she began assisting the sales team by contacting potential leads – another new responsibility – and embraced this new role with excitement. She’s always willing to go the extra mile!


Neva Nichols, Technical Support Tier III

Neva stepped up and took the lead when an issue arose and the primary resources were unavailable. The data and support she provided allowed the team to focus on the core problem, leading them to a quick resolution. She went above and beyond the scope of her primary job responsibilities without hesitation, taking the time to find the best solution while demonstrating hospitality to multiple teams.


Justin Rielly, Menu Specialist

Justin came to work on his day off to be a part of the CaterTrax company photo. He showed up early and saw the marketing team bringing chairs from the office out to the gates and jumped right in to assist, making multiple trips back and forth until set up was complete. Justin demonstrated hospitality and was a prime example of a team player.


Todd Bruns, Product Analyst

Todd has taken full advantage of CaterTrax’s Continuing Education Program to better position himself in his new role as Product Analyst. By pursuing growth and learning he has added several initials to his signature including Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and soon he’ll become a Certified Associate in Project Management. These courses have provided him the necessary tools to excel in his new role.


Andrew Edgecomb, Scrum Team Software Developer

Andrew has proven he will sacrifice his own time and comfort for the benefit of his teammates and the company as a whole. His team faced some challenging issues last quarter that led to long hours and stressful situations, but Andrew stayed open minded and embraced the changes that were happening. Throughout that time, his dedication and hard work proved instrumental to overcoming the obstacles he and his team faced.

Stacy Pline, Senior Solutions Consultant


Stacy demonstrates hospitality in the fact that she is always willing to give her time to others and her impact on the company is tangible. When two of our departments were down resources she jumped in to work on projects, handle support tickets, and connect with clients herself! Stacy is also recognized for her extensive effort to deliver a complicated report for one of our clients and for delivering a smile while offering helpful ideas to her peers.

Annie Murphy, Business Administration Coordinator

Annie is an asset to the CaterTrax family and always embraces our core values. In her first position with CaterTrax, she was seen as the person to go to with complaints. In typical Annie fashion, she always received them with a smile and an offer of reassurance. Over the past quarter her role changed significantly and she embraced that change with her well-known positive spirit. She also greatly helped to drive the development of this program she is being recognized for today.

Thank you to all of our employees who took the time to recognize their peers for going above and beyond in the workplace! It’s humbling to see what we can accomplish when we stay true to our core values and work together as a team. All winners were officially announced during our quarterly business review last month in front of the whole company, they each received a plaque on our official TRAX Star Wall, and a $250 bonus check.

Congratulations to all of our TRAX Star winners this quarter!

Have you worked with someone at CaterTrax who you feel went above and beyond to support your needs? Did they demonstrate a high level of hospitality to you and your business? We would love to hear about it! Join our TRAXER Program and let us know how we have had a positive impact on your operation. To show our appreciation, we’ll send you a fun swag package, fun gifts and goodies throughout the year, and give you firsthand sneak peeks of the newest innovations to our catering management software!

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