Meet the 8 CaterTrax Employees Who Earned a TRAX Star in Quarter 2

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CaterTrax Employees Honored For Going Above and Beyond

Another successful quarter marks another round of deserving CaterTrax employees who went above and beyond to exemplify our core values in their everyday work without hesitation. Throughout the second quarter of the year, our TRAX Star winners specifically embodied the following core values:


We’re excited to recognize the following individuals for their dedication to supporting a positive company culture and their effortless drive to personify our core values in every interaction they have, whether it be with each other or our clients. Congratulations, TRAX Stars! You’ve certainly earned this esteemed award. Thank you for all that you do for our CaterTrax family!

Congratulations, TRAX Stars!

Justin Yager – We Are Passionate and Determined


When a new client didn’t understand the process of launching their CaterTrax site and building a menu, Justin was patient and spent time explaining things to the customer so they could better understand. When the client still made mistakes, Justin took action. He recognized the situation and went out of his way to make sure the menu was updated on time without creating any additional charges to the client.

Tam VanNostrand – We Are Passionate and Determined

Tam_VanNostrand_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramThe Marketing Team was asked to provide a competitor-feature list which was to be completed in less than a week, but the deadline quickly switched to less than a day and Tam was given the lead. Determined to make this document the best it could be, she worked until 9 PM that night to finish it. Tam works on quick turnarounds as needed but went above and beyond since we found out after 1:00 PM that this was needed that same night.

Filipe Magro – We Have Integrity

Fil_Magro_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramFil never walks away from something saying “not my problem.” He does what’s best for our clients and won’t stop working until everything is done correctly, holding himself to high standards of accuracy, consistency, and accountability. He’s honest with clients and staff, always delivering the best product possible. If he notices you’ve done something incorrectly, he’ll take the time to teach you how to do it right without making you feel bad.

Andy Levy – We Are Passionate and Determined

Andy_Levy_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramAndy hit the ground running his first day on the DB team. He knows his field inside out and his eyes light up when he talks about SQL server – even his backpack says SQL! His diligence and responsibility in his work compliment his expertise and he quickly became an integral part of the team. He prioritizes urgent projects and brings security and reliability to the DB team, majorly improving our servers and databases in his first three months. Andy has continued to bring his best every day from day one.

Jan Peters – We Are Passionate and Determined

Jan_Peters_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramJan has been a key reason for the success of the large projects we have recently completed. Her organizational skills allow us to easily manage our workload and complete our task in a timely manner. She stayed many late nights, determined to keep us organized on a big project. She also jumped into another project ready to use previous experience to get the project up and running quickly, really impressing our clients’ team.

Morgan Reddy – We Are Passionate and Determined

Morgan_Reddy_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramWe had been struggling to get our external front-end developer resource to collaborate well with internal resources to accomplish significant projects for our corporate website. Our URL had a security certificate applied because Google’s algorithm for SEO changed but once in place, errors arose, stumping both internal and external resources. Morgan went above and beyond to find a solution and guided our front-end developer to fix errors that affected all 112 pages of our website.

Jacob Spaid – We Have Integrity

Jacob_Spaid_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramClose to 4:30 on a Friday, Jacob came to HR to admit he had forgotten to get his “Shorts on Friday” card punched by 9AM. He was hoping he could true-up his punch card for the day. Jacob truly demonstrated that he has integrity by making sure he honestly recorded his utilization of his fundraiser break-the-dress code privilege.

Tom Frost – We Are Passionate and Determined

Tom_Frost_CaterTrax_TRAX_Star_ProgramTom shares a consistent passion and dedication to our clients and their experience, taking the time to ensure they are comfortable and well-prepared for launch. Tim shared a client’s enthusiasm for Tom’s dedication: Tom eased the stress of technical difficulties and smoothed over site build issues. As one client put it, “His radio voice put everyone at ease.” Nobody wanted Tom’s effort, experience, and flat-out care for our clients to go unnoticed.

Think You Have What It Takes?

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