Coming Soon! A New Online Ordering Experience

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TRAX Platform Catering Software Enhancements

Online ordering platforms are always evolving as industry trends, technology advances, and consumer needs continuously change across the non-commercial foodservice industry. Ordering technology must be responsive, user-friendly, and provide a positive customer experience while only requiring a minimal number of clicks for customers to place orders. Businesses must also maintain their brand image as it indicates dependability and consistent branding builds trust among consumers.

To keep with industry standards, our team at CaterTrax has been hard at work developing innovation to enhance the customer ordering experience. Our new online ordering experience leverages best practices for foodservice e-commerce and delivers a modern, user-friendly site design which competes with everyday retail ordering sites. Adopting this design includes options to reflect an operation’s unique branding and current clients will recognize updates to the core functionality of their current CaterTrax online ordering site, including:

  • Mega Menu: Centrally located in the site header and anchored to the top of the page, this upgraded navigation features a large drop-down interface which shows all menu options in one main panel (mega menu) which reduces the number of clicks it takes for users to locate their menu items. The flyout menu can house menu links, promotional content, and additional information to intuitively guide users through the site.
  • Adaptive Mobile Design: The upgraded online ordering experience utilizes a custom navigation experience unique to the user’s device and better aligns customer’s expectations for mobile navigation. Feature choice selections are now even easier to select on a mobile device, with large tappable form fields optimized for mobile interaction.
  • Menu Grid System: Customers can view a select category’s menu offerings on one page, including descriptions, prices, and minimums to allow users to browse the menu at a high-level.

These are just a few examples of key updates we have made to the core functionality of the TRAX Platform. Upgrading to the new online ordering experience will make it easier for clients to take advantage of regular innovation updates on a more scalable level across all operations within a brand.

 How to Get Started

Are you a current CaterTrax client? – Keep an eye on your inbox for further details for the official launch date of the new online ordering experience.

Not yet a CaterTrax client? – Click here to fill out a form to get in contact with a CaterTrax Sales Executive and learn more about getting your operation started with our catering software, the TRAX Platform.

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