Employees Recognized for Dedication to Core Values at CaterTrax

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TRAX Star Winners, Q4 2018

Employee recognition has always been a strong part of CaterTrax’s company culture. The TRAX Star Program allows employees to nominate peers for a TRAX Star to show appreciation when individuals go above and beyond what is typically expected of them. By showing appreciation for one another, we continue to spread positivity throughout the entire office and maintain an environment where employees look forward to coming to work every day. Please join all of us in congratulating the CaterTrax staff members below who earned a TRAX Star last quarter by working hard and staying dedicated to our CaterTrax core values.

Thank You, TRAX Stars!

Jan Peters, Technical Project Manager

Jan is an Invaluable Teammate

Jan is an invaluable teammate and demonstrates so many of our core values daily. Jan and Lorraine worked together for months on the Smartsheet application with the intent to increase efficiencies and obtain Smartsheet certification. Jan’s enthusiasm for the application and its possibilities for CaterTrax was contagious and continued at the Smartsheet Academy that she and Lorraine attended together in late 2018 where they both earned their Smartsheet certifications. Their collaboration sessions were extremely helpful and always had great results.


Jon Crawford, Junior Software Engineer

Jon Hit the Ground Running!

Jon started with CaterTrax in early 2018 and this is his first engineering job since finishing school. Sometimes those two facts create dissonance when considered in the context of where Jon is now, only 8 months or so later. Since he joined the team, Jon impressed his co-worker Rick with his ability to learn quickly, his determination to learn new things, and how quickly he got acclimated to his new career path. His positive attitude, calm demeanor, and sense of humor are continuously appreciated.



Lauren DeFrees, Site Launch Coordinator

Lauren’s Hospitality Attracts a TRAXER

As a member of the Site Launch Team, Lauren’s role is crucial to our clients’ first impression of CaterTrax and the level of service we aim to achieve. Lauren consistently strives to provide a great client experience and goes above and beyond to make sure they’re taken care of. Whether it’s replying to a client’s email after-hours or using the skills she learned when she worked on our Menu Team, Lauren is willing to go outside the scope of her job to make sure our clients are properly supported throughout the site launch process. A client who recently joined our TRAXER Program specifically mentioned Lauren as one of the reasons why they signed up. Through the hospitality Lauren demonstrated to this client’s entire operation during pre-launch, we have another happy client and fan of CaterTrax!


Kathleen Gallina, Sales Operations Analyst

An Unsung Hero and a Team Player

Kathleen is a key player that links the Sales Team to the Accounting Team. Her knowledge of internal systems and our accounting software make her an invaluable member of the team. Annie came to better understand Kathleen’s role when she was trained to cover Kathleen while she was out on vacation. There is so much detail in Kathleen’s work and she understands the importance of paying close attention to those details when converting quotes and creating invoices.

If you’re a CaterTrax client and want to recognize a CaterTrax employee for going above and beyond, please join our TRAXER Program! It only takes a few minutes to sign up and for doing so, you’ll earn some free CaterTrax swag and the chance to win prizes all year long!

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