How Did 7 CaterTrax Employees Earn a TRAX Star Last Quarter?

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Core Values and Dedication to Service

Another completed quarter means another round of TRAX Star recipients to recognize! CaterTrax employees nominate their peers for a TRAX Star when they experience an individual exhibiting one or more of our CaterTrax core values while going above and beyond in their role. Congratulations to the employees below who earned this recognition last quarter! Thank you for your dedication to the success of CaterTrax and everyone around you.

Meet Each TRAX Star! 

Nancy Jaime, Instructional Designer

Improving Tools for Self and Others

Nancy has been maintaining TWO versions of an internal reference guide since we began our partnership with an outside contractor who supports our Menu Team. This equates to an amazing amount of additional work to ensure both guides are accurate and updated in a timely fashion. Nancy reached out to our Infrastructure Team to evaluate if there was a way to give our partners limited access to our intranet where one version of this document lives. It turns out it was possible, which saved Nancy time and eliminated the need to maintain multiple versions of this intricate document.


Luke Spaid, IT Help Desk Technician

Willing to Consider All Possibilities

Company policy prevented us from giving an outside contractor access to our intranet, so Nancy spent a significant amount of time copying and reformatting content, adding hundreds of resized images, and updating many, many links and references. She estimated updating internal reference guides would take about 25 hours and updating documentation for our contractor would require almost 80 hours more. Luke investigated and found policy changes would now allow us to give our contractor access to the reference guides! We are now confident that our contractor has the same information as our internal TRAXERs and we recaptured a significant amount of bandwidth.


Andrew DePotter, Client Support Specialist

Drew Turns Things Around

Andrew was speaking to a client who was having credit card issues and needed quick resolution. The administrator was not happy in the beginning but after his issue was resolved, he was a raving fan. Andrew took the time to investigate and resolve the issue and is always willing to help others while providing top-notch service to our clients.




Matt Janinek, Menu Specialist

Impressed with Matt’s Pursuit of Excellence

Matt was the single point of contact on the Menu Team for two large, simultaneous, system launches (39 total sites). He also received feedback from our Business Development Team about his ability to complete requests quickly and accurately.




Troy Burdick, Client Support Specialist

Troy is Looking Out!

During a client’s blackout period, Troy took it upon himself to audit all support tickets just in case any were completed during this time. Not only did he fix the tickets that were completed, but he also alerted other departments involved during this process. Troy was able to help avoid an issue where the sites that were being converted would not have received the completed updates.




Blythe Bower, Menu Solutions Consultant

Her Humility is Inspiring

Blythe represents every one of the CaterTrax core values! Nancy was tasked with re-training the Menu Team on how to send project requirements to our outside contractor. Blythe created the initial workbook, but never took offense when Nancy suggested improvements and she worked tirelessly with Nancy to make the document intuitive, thorough, and accurate. Blythe continually strives for excellence, puts her team first, and focuses on giving them her best. She makes it a high priority to provide information quickly and provides truly thoughtful feedback.


Wendy Woodard, Administrative Assistant

She’s All Over It!

Wendy’s response, no matter what’s being asked of her, is “I’m all over it”. According to the urban dictionary, that means she’s “totally involved in an action or event” and “in control of a problem or situation”. When Nancy needed employee headshots for an internal presentation, Wendy didn’t bother to ask how soon they were needed. Rather, Wendy dropped everything and gave Nancy what she asked for, and more.




Interested in Joining the CaterTrax Team?

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