Kim Hoffman Recognized For Professional Excellence and Community Leadership

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CaterTrax Marketing Team visits the Susan B. Anthony House, Rochester; Election Day 2016

Rochester, NY is a city that thrives on the creativity, passion, and determination of its residents. Take Susan B. Anthony for example. Without her tireless efforts and strong leadership skills, women’s rights could have ended up on a vastly different course throughout history. You can find her iconic statue in a local park and see her portrait painted under the I-490 bridge as you drive down W. Main Street. Her Rochester home is a historical landmark that honors her achievements and the impact she left on history. It’s because of strong figures like Susan B. Anthony that young females are inspired to emerge as leaders and mentors who contribute to the success of our community.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

The Women’s Council, an affiliate of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating exceptional female leaders in the Rochester community. Each year they present the ATHENA Award and ATHENA Young Professional Award to honor women of the Greater Rochester Region who demonstrate excellence in their profession, contribute to the community, and serve as role models for young women to look up to.

Kim Hoffman, ATHENA Young Professional Awards Finalist, 2017

CaterTrax is excited and honored to have one of the 2017 ATHENA Young Professional Awards finalists as an integral member of our team. Kim Hoffman, VP of Marketing at CaterTrax, was nominated and chosen as one of ten finalists in the Young Professionals category, recognized for her extensive professional achievements both past and current, her dedication to supporting the Rochester community, and her motivation to be a role model for the young women in her life. Mother of twins, fur-mother of a rambunctious golden retriever, loving wife, VP of Marketing, tournament committee member, board member, club photo coordinator, assistant coach and team manager. It’s hard for most people to imagine wearing that many hats, and while some may feel tired just reading this list of the current titles she holds, Kim pulls each of them off without a hitch.

Kim, Goddess of Pursuing Excellence

Her past professional achievements include that she managed a fundraising team who always exceeded their annual goal; created and implemented a three-year strategic marketing plan for a local organization; raised over $5 million for a local college which greatly surpassed her team’s goal; she led her team to commercialize new offerings and market them to drive an increase in channel adoption by over 20%. She has volunteered for Greater Rochester Mother of Twins Club, American Diabetes Association, Greece Girls Soccer, Greece Boys Soccer, CDS Monarch, and Cobras FC.

Personally she has allowed children to shadow her to experience “a day in the life of a marketer”, stood as a role model for young girls both on and off the soccer field, and mentored college-age students throughout their educational journeys – one of these students even went on to find herself as an ATHENA Award finalist in 2016. Most recently, Kim played an important role in encouraging corporate citizenship at CaterTrax, driving the policy for employees to utilize one paid day out of the office each year to volunteer their time and give back to the community.

Cobras FC, 2016

But, How Does She Do It?

Her contagious energy is felt by many, and her laugh can spark a smile in anyone. Kim keeps her plate full because of her passion for the activities she’s involved with. Much like a postman, Kim is on a field with her daughter’s soccer team no matter the weather, meeting all year round on average 2 – 3 times each week. One of her proudest moments was when she led the team through warm-ups before a championship game during a tournament. Responsible for getting the girls’ minds focused for the game, she decided to teach them yoga poses and techniques to help center their minds and emotions. The girls enjoyed the yoga so much that they completed a two month team conditioning unit this past winter to learn yoga and new skills to help them get through stressful days on and off the field.

Cobras FC Yoga Training Session, 2016

Congratulations, Kim!

Whether coaching on the soccer field, working with the three young women on her marketing team at CaterTrax, or teaching her 12 year old twins how to make a new dinner, Kim leads by example and inspires the young people around her, encouraging them to never give up. From all of us at CaterTrax, congratulations on this honorable recognition from the Women’s Council!

You have more than earned it!

Kim Hoffman and her supporters attend the 2017 ATHENA Awards in Rochester, NY

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