The Power of Plug-Ins

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We understand that as a foodservice operator, you are doing a lot every day, from managing catering orders, fulfilling take-out orders, balancing deliveries, and even managing floor stock and replenishment for your organization. Many of our current administrators came to us eager to get the chaos of their catering businesses under control – a transition that symbolically “put out the last fire” for their operation. With catering under control, operators started saving time and boosting efficiency but were still feeling the burn in other areas, struggling to manually manage commissaries, requisition management, coffee shops, employee lounges, and long, irritating lunch lines. Many administrators quickly discovered that consolidating take-out and floor stock within the TRAX Platform could extend peace of mind across their entire operation, enjoying the benefits of implementing plug-in solutions with CaterTrax.


Bust lines by allowing your customers to order their meals ahead of time and pre-pay online. The take-out solution boosts satisfaction and allows you to cater to customers’ daily needs.

Contract relationships are also strengthened when you contribute to the productivity of the organization, not just your own department. Online ordering makes you a convenient go-to for ordering, keeping customers on the grounds and lunch periods more time-conscious.

Floor Stock

Many of our administrators implement our catering solution to streamline catering management to save time. The phone stops ringing off the hook and order details are readily available, which means serenity for operators who were once buried in the stress of manually running their operations or manipulating systems not customized for catering management. Oftentimes these same operators are also responsible for managing pantry, floor stock, replenishment, coffee stations, or employee lounges. Now that their catering operations aren’t causing so much stress, a new problem child emerges. Operators find manually managing floor stock and requisitions inefficient and leads to costly order mistakes.

Many administrators across all lines of business have “plugged in” our floor stock solution so they can manage catering and floor stock side-by-side in the same system.

Multiple Catering Solutions

If you have multiple production locations, adding multiple catering solutions will help you keep everything organized and streamline reporting. Tying all your locations into a single system standardizes your offerings while allowing you the flexibility to customize necessary elements for each production location and you’ll be able to track everything with roll-up reporting. CaterTrax offers over 20 standard reports with your subscription and offers customized report services if you’re looking for something additional.

Try Our CaterTrax Plug-In Solutions

If you think a plug-in solution might benefit your operation, contact us today to get started with any of our plug-in solutions – catering, take-out, and floor stock – so you can leverage the additional benefits of utilizing multiple CaterTrax solutions.

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CaterTrax General Plug-In Solution Benefits Infographic
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