Customer Satisfaction Is the Heart of Your Online Catering Business

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Customer satisfaction is the heart of your hospitality business, in person and online.  Ensuring a good customer experience online is important for your brand and return business. Recent studies show 76% of people are likely to dine at a restaurant if they previously enjoyed an online delivery from there. To put it simply, your business and your brand is synonymous with your online presence. It’s just as important to provide your customers a quality experience online as it is in person.

CaterTrax had your customer’s expectations in mind when we redesigned our websites for the all new Online Ordering Experience. This month we added a couple new customer-friendly features to improve efficiencies during the ordering process and when managing orders after they have been placed.

New Manage Orders Page

Last month we released the new customer profile page. Building on that design, we updated the customer’s Manage Orders page. This provides a more user-friendly interface and gives customers access to view Master Invoices. Customers can view, print, email, and add Master Invoices to their Outlook calendar directly from this new Manage Orders page. 

The new interface is organized into two tabs – Invoices and Master Invoices.

The Invoices tab provides a list of all invoices in that customer’s name. They will also see a Master Invoices icon on this tab to indicate if an individual order is associated with a Master Invoice. There are also new action icons for repeating an order and submitting a change request.

The Master Invoices tab displays the payment details associated with each of the customer’s Master Invoices. Just like on the Invoices tab, the Master Invoice interface is viewable by clicking the ID number.

New Cart Interface

Our User Experience Designer has reimagined the cart to provide easier navigation back to the menu and to easily display the items currently in a customer’s order. The cart will appear anytime a new product is added to the order.

There are “Browse All” and “View All Related Items” links which direct back to relevant sections of the menu so the customer can continue to browse and add more items to their cart. They can also edit or cancel the order, see the total, and jump to the checkout. This cart interface allows your customer to see what they are ordering without leaving the shopping process. This feature takes the frustration out of shopping and is vital for maintaining strong site conversion rates.

Circling Back to Customer Satisfaction

These two new features greatly impact the customer online ordering experience, but this is just the beginning of the conversation. Promoting your site and driving customer adoption of online ordering are key to making your website a success. If you have questions on how you can use your site as a marketing tool in addition to a customer satisfaction tool, our team would love to talk to you!

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